Sometimes you don’t need to have good eyesight to see what needs to be done.

Sometimes you don’t need to have good eyesight to see what needs to be done.
Bob Smith, who is legally blind, helps his fellow Knights of Columbus Towers residents with errands and many  other tasks.
“I do whatever I can for most anybody,” he said.
Originally from Springfield, Mass., Smith came to the Pittsburg area to be near his son and grandchildren.
“After I got here, they moved back east,” he said. “I said to heck with that, I’m staying here.”
Smith, whose wife is deceased, has been a resident of the Knights of Columbus Towers for about five years, but is frequently out of his apartment to assist other residents who need help bringing in groceries, running errands, even walking Molly, a dog belonging to another resident.
“I walk Molly four times a day, starting on Pine Street and going around the building,” Smith said.
He also helps those who are moving into or out of the building. He’s an expert on that because he worked as a mover for North American Van Lines before his vision deteriorated.
“That’s what I miss the most — driving and riding my motorcycle,” Smith said.
An animal lover, he also keeps food out for local squirrels, in a train-shaped feeder at the front entrance of the building.
“I keep  pecans in the freezer,” he said.
When he does get a chance to spend some time in his apartment, Smith enjoys his clock collection.
“I’ve got around 65 of them,” he said.
They range from a handsome grandfather clock to a unique item featuring a glass case with a stuffed rattlesnake. Many of them sound the hour, sometimes in unusual ways.
“I’ve got a cow clock that moos on the hour, and a dog clock that barks,” Smith said. “One clock has an eagle on top, and every hour a baby eagle comes out and chirps for its mother. It gets a little confusing when they all go off.”