Caleb Hays, Pittsburg State University senior, is perfectly aware that he’s not necessarily typical of many people his age.

Caleb Hays, Pittsburg State University senior, is perfectly aware that he’s not necessarily typical of many people his age.

“The plurality of college students are more Democrats,” he said.

But Hays is a Republican, in words and actions. He recently became chairman of the Kansas Federation of College Republicans.

“Through the end of May I’m also president of the College Republicans at PSU,” he added.

Son of Phil Hays and the late Lisa Hays, Oswego, he’s also serving this spring as an intern in the Pittsburg office of U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins.

“I really admire Congresswoman Jenkins,” Hays said. “She’s a real class act.”

He said that much of the work done in her office is casework for constituents.

“I talk to lots of federal agencies, maybe helping someone who’s having issues with their Social Security, or somebody who’s having trouble getting their  VA benefits,” Hays said. “Our office helps with grant applications as well.”

This is very gratifying for him.

“I have a really great desire to help people,” Hays said.

He said that this ties in with his choice of political party.

“I think one of the major tenants of the Republican party is personal responsibility, what you can do for yourself to help others,” Hays said. “In the United States, anyone can work hard and do well for themselves. You can start from nothing. I’m a Republican because I believe in freedom. Everyone should have a shot.”

The PSU College Republicans will be busy  this spring. In cooperation with the Southeast Kansas Republican Group, they will host Joshua Charles, co-author with Glenn Beck of “The Original Intent,” at 6:15 p.m. Thursday in the Governors Room, Overman Student Center.

“The College  Republicans are providing the venue, and we’re very excited to have Mr. Charles coming,” Hays said.

On March 8, just before the Kansas Republican caucuses on March 10, the group will have an event with representatives from at least two Republican presidential campaigns.

“Ron Paul will have a representative here, and Rick Santorum’s campaign is working on it,” Hays said. “We’re hoping to have representatives from all four campaigns.”

He noted that this year Kansas will have 40 delegates.

“That’s comparable to Iowa and New Hampshire combined,” Hays said. “Everyone thought the Republican presidential nominee would be decided by now, but it’s not. In the past week, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have opened offices in Kansas.”

The College Republicans may play some role in assisting with the Kansas campaign of whoever gets the nomination.

“We helped with Terry Calloway’s campaign and with the U.S. senatorial campaign,” Hays said.

He said being involved with political campaigns has made him value his vote.

“It is so important for people to be involved and vote,” Hays said. “We are the government.”

A Spanish major, he intends to go on and earn a juris doctor and MBA degrees. He acknowledges that this will be demanding.

“It seems very interesting to me,” Hays said.

However, he’s not willing to commit to whether he will seek elective office himself.

“Maybe, in the future,” Hays said. “That’s a long way off.”