The Girard FFA chapter is celebrating National FFA Week this week, Feb. 19-24, with a variety of activities.

The Girard FFA chapter is celebrating National FFA Week this week, Feb. 19-24, with a variety of activities.

This year’s theme, “I Believe,” celebrates more than 80 years of FFA traditions while anticipating the organization’s future.

On Sunday, Feb. 19, members attended church services together at the United Methodist Church in Girard and afterwards ate together at Pizza Hut. Following lunch, members went to GHS to decorate hallways for the week’s activities.

Since students were out of school on Monday, yesterday’s activities included participating in COOP Appreciation Day where members took field trips to the Catholic Hall.

In addition, Tuesday was the first day students were allowed to enter their guesses on the corn/soybean jar in the office for 25 cents each guess. Agriculture classes also answered daily trivia questions for prizes.

Today, members arrived at school at 6:30 a.m. to prepare and then serve breakfast to the faculty. FFA officers are also wearing their blue/gold polo shirts.

Tomorrow, Feb. 23, the theme is blue and gold day where members may wear any FFA attire. Students wearing official dress will be released at 2:25 p.m. while those wearing this year’s T-shirt will be released at 2:40 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 24, FFA members with a signed consent form will drive their tractors to school, and ag classes will continue to answer daily trivia questions for prizes. At the end of the day, the winner of the corn/soybean jar contest will be announced.

Senior FFA members include Roger Allen, Trent Broce, Ben Coomes, Alex Dee, Kasie Elder, Daniel Horton, Logan Houk, Trenton Jameson, Levi Karhoff, Jonathon Kovacic, Kaytlyn Lewis, Cory Livingston, Blake Marshall, Justin Mein, Brandy Montanye, Travis Moore, Katie Nepote, Klay O’Brien, Blake Patton, James Peternell, Matt Perez, Dayne Sands, Feodor Shadrin, Georgette Searan, Tanner Tersinar, Christian Puckett and Tommy Wright.

Junior members include James Anderson, Bryant Augustin, Andrew Baima, Kyle Bauder, Codie Beerbower, Jordan Bradshaw, Josh Brumback, Billy Cochran, Kenzie Curran, Lauren Davied, Austin DeBusk, Haley DeGarmo, Austin Egbert, Logan Franklin, Nathan George, Nicholas George, Tyler Gray, Cody Grilz, Colton Harris, Ashley Horton, Briston Kapler, Traci Lasco, Stephanie Moutz, Hunter Peak, Trinadie Puckett, Travis Shank, Lane Sleeper, James Spieth and Anissa Zagonel.

Sophomore members include Devin Alters, McKenna Belcher, Marlon Bolden, Aaron Boore, Paxton Boore, Josh Brandell, Tristan Broce, Caleb Eckelberry, Caleb Egbert, Nathan Hughes, Hannah Jones, Brittnee Julian, Rylee Karhoff, Taylor Lewis, Seth Little, Jon Long, Ashton McManis, Timbrelee McNair, Jason Mikrut, Amber Morris, Haley Pitts, Ethan Reed, Trisha Roberts, Kevin Rowe, Aaron Ray, Bethany Schifferdecker, Abbigail Stephen, Shanna Stout, Alexandria Tippie, Devin Vail, Devin Walsh, Dakota Westhoff, Tyler Workman and Drew Zimmerman.

Freshman members include Alicen Allen, Alix Beezley, Adam Biby, Jacob Blevins, Britney Clugston, Kord Curran, Logan Erickson, Curtis Finnie, Zach Franklin, Jon Goff, Noe Guzman, Molli Harris, Morgan Herlocker, Logan Hood, Zack Hyman, Rebecca Jameson, Katie Jahay, Tucker Johnston, Erin Kruse, Nikole Kroenke, Lauren Lakey, Katie Massa, Faith McClaskey, Mike McCormack, Tara Miller, Haley Page, Hunter Parker, Kaylee Pouche, Taylor Redfern, David Riddle, Jayson Rogers, Jayden Rusher, Matthew Suver, Rebekah Taylor, Jolene Tennyson, Brandon Walker and Renae Whelan.

FFA sponsors are Alan Boultinghouse and Joe Curran, who are being assisted by this semester’s student teacher, Tiffany Poet.