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  • DABLEMONT: Fishing at Norfork Lake

  • I just wrote an article for my magazine about Norfork Lake, and the fine fishing I have enjoyed there.

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  • I just wrote an article for my magazine about Norfork Lake, and the fine fishing I have enjoyed there. Norfork has big stripers and hybrids, they stock 175,000 stripers there each year, and 50,000 hybrids. Several times I have fished in the moonlight on Norfork Lake with big Rogue lures, between late February and April, and caught big hefty hybrids and stripers. I have never caught one above 20 pounds, but I have come close, and maybe this will be the year. For the next several weeks I think you will be able to catch them, back in the deep channels of creeks and long coves. You cast the Rogues, and you need six- or eight-inch lures here, then jerk them for six or eight feet hard, and let them stop for a few seconds, and jerk them again. It isn’t hard to do, but you can fish for quite awhile without catching anything and it is difficult to stay awake around two in the morning when things slow down. Once, I was about half asleep and a 15-pound striper hit my Rogue so hard he nearly jerked the rod out of my hand. I woke up in a hurry. What a fight a ten or fifteen pound striper or hybrid can give you!
    Norfork may have the best overall walleye fishing in the Ozarks. One guide down there told me that all the walleye in the upper third of the lake seem to go up to the Bryant and Norfork rivers to spawn in February and March, but the walleye on the lower lake spawn on rocky points and back up in creeks. He said that they hang around those spawning areas until some time in early May usually, and you can best catch them at night casting smaller Rogues around rocky banks or points. Walleye hang deeper in the daytime because of those sensitive eyes, but come out shallower at night. Daytime fishermen on Norfork troll for them with a spinner and harness rig using night-crawlers.
    If you want to learn to catch hybrids or stripers or walleye, you should find a good guide on Norfork and go out with them. It costs a little, but it is money well spent, if you get a good one.
    I am pretty disgusted about the fact that spring comes and goes so quickly. There is so much to do, and fishing for everything is so good just about the time you have to go turkey hunting for half the day. And I really need to do some gardening, because I and all the wild critters around my place like my garden vegetables so well. The lawn can wait, as far as I am concerned. If you wait ‘til July to mow it, it won’t grow back so fast.
    I have a photo of a little mouse that someone sent me that looks like most of us feel when the flowers begin to bloom. You can see it on my website, www.larrydablemontoutdoors.blogspot.com. Write to me at Box 22, Bolivar, Mo. 65613 or email me at lightninridge@windstream.net.

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