Chad and Melissa Bugni are going to take the plunge.

Chad and Melissa Bugni are going to take the plunge.

For the first two years they attended the First Christian Church ice cream social/contest as tasters only. This year they’ll be taking homemade ice cream to the event, scheduled at 6 p.m. today inside the church.

The event will be open to the entire community, with proceeds benefiting the Pittsburg Community Garden. Live music will be provided by Rev. Kevin Arensman, guitar and vocals, and Dan Lingor on Native American flute.

“We just had the time and we thought it would be good to help out the garden,” Mrs. Bugni said.

With a little assistance from her, husband Chad will make old-fashioned vanilla ice cream, based on a recipe he got from his grandmother.

“I used to love eating Grandma’s ice cream,” he said. “You put it into the freezer straight from the ice cream maker and that makes it fluffier and flakier.”

Bugni said he used to make ice cream often for family cook-outs and other occasions, but things got busier eight months ago when he and his wife welcomed a son, Bryce.

The little guy will need to wait a bit before he gets to sample Daddy’s ice cream.

“He can’t have milk until he’s around a year old,” Mrs. Bugni said. “He’ll go and look at all the colors and probably want to try it.”

Among other participants in the contest will be Mrs. Bugni’s brother, Matt Troth, who’s head gardener at the community garden, and his bride, Marissa. Last year they competed against each other, with him making rocky road ice cream and her making dirt and worms. Neither of them won.

“My ice cream didn’t freeze,” the new Mrs. Troth said.

“But when it did freeze, I liked her ice cream better than mine,” Troth admitted.

He said that he might try rocky road again this year.

“We’ve got some peaches, so I might try that,” Troth added.

He said that there will be about eight entries in the ice cream contest, but more are welcome.

“You don’t have to sign up, just show up with ice cream,” Troth said. “There will be a pot for donations in front of each entry, and people can put money into the pot of the ice cream they like best. The ice cream that gets the most donations will be the winner.”

Gift cards will go to the first, second and third place winners.

“If something is looking good in the garden, we may throw some of that in with the prize,” Troth said.

Donations collected will go toward expenses of the garden, which is located behind the church.

“The main goal is to raise money for the water bill,” Troth said. “We water every night and it’s still not keeping up with this 100-degree heat.”

Despite that, the garden has been doing reasonably well.

“We’ve harvested 4,172 pounds of produce so far this summer,” Troth said. “On Wednesday we donated 680 pounds to Wesley House. The main part of that was 50 gallons of tomatoes and a big wheelbarrow of cantaloupes.”