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  • Lowe's Skateway gets new floor

  • After being closed for 58 days, Lowe’s Skateway is open for business with a brand new skating rink.

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  • After being closed for 58 days, Lowe’s Skateway is open for business with a brand new skating rink.
    The original rink lasted for 30 years and multiple generations. But the surface had lost traction and become less easy to skate on, said Dave Lowe who now operates the rink his father, Bill, opened in 1981.
    The average life expectancy of a floor is 20 years, so we got a lot more out of it than normal,” Lowe said of the 11,000 square foot rink.
    Repairing the rink involved a lengthy process that included scraping out the old floor, laying new concrete, laser grinding and acid etching the floor, and applying a special primer that took a full week to dry. Then, workers squeegeed on 180 gallons or Dermex epoxy, which takes 10 hours to dry in between coats, and a special coating called Rink Cote, which provided specialized traction with the skate wheels. The floor will be recoated every three years.
    “The response has been fantastic,” Lowe said. “There are skaters who skated with me 25 years ago who have come to skate and try it out. The first week was sold out, and every weekend has been busy.”
    Thursday night, George Nettels Elementary School students and their parents were one of the first groups of people to skate on the new rink during the school’s fall family skate night.
    Kelly Miller brought her 4-year-old daughter, Sarah, to skate.
    “We heard there were renovations,” Miller said. “It was great.”
    Stella Hastings brought her 7-year-old son, Daniel, and said they come often.
    “It’s a little bit smoother and easier to skate on,” Daniel said. “I think I can go faster on this floor.”
    Daniel said he’s a fan of skating.
    “It’s fun because you trip and you can go really fast,” he said.
    Cassie Ellison is a student at Pittsburg State University and came to skate with her sister and her family. It was her first time skating at Lowe’s.
    “It seems nice,” she said.
    For Kyle Rogers, the process has come full-circle. Rogers used to skate at Skateway when he was young, and now he’s bringing his own kids, 6-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Gracie, to skate. He said he approves of the new floor.
    “It just seems easier to skate on,” he said. “It’s smoother, and just an overall better floor.”
    Scenes like that, Lowe said, are why he loves running a skating rink.
    “These school skates are nice, and they bring the families together,” he said. “You don’t see a lot of that anymore.”

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