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  • SULLIVAN: Voting is not a privilege - it is a Constitutional right

  • Making it harder for the 47% to vote is the true Republican agenda. Putting all the election year blather aside, demographics are clearly not favoring the GOP, so their response has been both clever and contrived.

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  • Making it harder for the 47% to vote is the true Republican agenda. Putting all the election year blather aside, demographics are clearly not favoring the GOP, so their response has been both clever and contrived. They have opted to revive a more modern Jim Crowe like ballot restriction process that will cause the more casual exerciser of the American heritage to give up on voting before they get to the ballot box. The theory is that the laziest of the 47% government dependent lackeys will just not care enough to go the extra mile to cast that ballot. They won’t stand on line for hours at a DMV to get a non drive voter ID card, so they just won’t bother to turn out to vote.
    On the other hand, if we make it easier for People to vote...if we allow Sunday before Election Day voting to avoid long lines in the” hood “on Election Day,  and early voting in other major urban areas, (translate that minority infested demographic areas) the results will skew Democratic. So, what’s the answer to the dilemma of how to win,  if your agenda is against the tide of the great unwashed 47 per cent hoi polloi ? Restrict ballot access, make them jump through more hoops, and fewer of them will bother, and the oligarchic agenda of tax breaks for the rich, crumbs for the poor, and indifference for those in the middle will prevail.
    We’ve heard it all before. If you can’t pay a meager poll tax, or pass a minimal voter literacy test, then you shouldn’t be voting in the first place.  Maybe it boils down to this...Only  true Americans should be allowed to cast a ballot, and any measure which tends to filter out the lazy louts who are government dependent should be applauded, not condemned!
    But how do you measure a true American? It’s obvious--only those with government issued photo id’s can be considered truly American. After all, who in this day and age doesn’t have a photo ID?
    Well, the answer is, about 800,000 otherwise qualified voters in states like Pennsylvania. People who don’t drive, but take a bus to work, (yes work)  and some of whom are too busy working two jobs to make ends meet to take time off from work to stand on line at the DMV for several hours to see if they can qualify for a free state issued Photo ID card.
    And then there are the elderly who may no longer drive, and a few hundred thousand other 47% type citizens who just don’t have the requisite ID, but who are otherwise qualified to vote, and have voted regularly for years. It will be interesting to see how many little old ladies in Kansas there are without picture ID. Will they be turned away from the voting booth this year, even if their neighbors are working as poll watchers and know them personally ?  Despite the barrage of TV ads featuring a smiling Secretary of State Kobach, how many Kansans who vote year after year are actually aware of the new requirements? I guess we’ll find out on Nov.6th.
    Page 2 of 2 - The Pennsylvania Judge who sidelined the effective date of the new PA law did the right thing. He ruled there was not enough  time  to implement it before this  Presidential  election. After all, what’s the rush? Well, we know the reason from the Leader  of the PA legislature...”Voter ID? Check! Mitt Romney will now carry Pennsylvania!” Problem is, they got him on videotape saying it. They also got Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on tape, whining about the 47% takers in our society ( or 30% if you take Paul Ryan’s figures. )
    Either way, these defenders of the billionaire oligarchy class look at voting as a privilege, not a right. They are wrong. People have fought, marched, and died for the right to vote. It is not a privilege to be extended only to the 53% of us who pay Federal Income taxes, but to the entire citizenry, black, white, Latino, gay, straight, young or old, rich or poor, who are 18 years of age and US citizens. Nothing more ...and nothing less!
    If you want a fail safe method to avoid fraud, why not issue picture ID with Social Security cards, one color for US citizens, and another color for non citizen residents, and let that stand as your voter registration process. Then asking for that card as they do in many other civilized democracies would suffice. Will the Republican Congressman  willing to sponsor that universal registration legislation please stand up?
    Hmmmm! No takers? I rest my case! A rose in the rosebushes  by any other name is still a rose, and a thorn in the Briarpatch by any other name is still a thorn.
    Sullivan is the part-time political professor at Pitt State and MSSU, and is the former mayor of Oswego, N.Y., and former co-chair of the New York Democratic Party. He lives in Pittsburg and part of the year in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
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