Students of the Lyerla Music Studio celebrated their annual Improv Awards party recently at the First Church of the Nazarene. Theme was “Weather Reports (With a Musical Twist).

Students of the Lyerla Music Studio celebrated their annual Improv Awards party recently at the First Church of the Nazarene. Theme was “Weather Reports (With a Musical Twist).
Emcee for the evening was Lara Ismert, 2009 Pittsburg High School graduate. She played prelude music, including “Sonata, Opus 27 No. 2, Movement 1” by Beethoven, and “Nocturne, Opus 37. No. 1” by Chopin. During the party she played “Rhapsody No. 2 in G Minor” by Brahms.
Fellowship Bell Choir performed “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” Bell choir members were Karen Knaup, Rachael Holden, Shara Knaup, Cathy Holden, Virginia Rigensberg and Melissa McCool. Each received a certificate and bell pin. Lola Hoyer received a trophy for her eight years as a member of the bell choir.
Prize winners for the evening were: “Singin’ in the Rain” featuring Sage Brown and Jacob Forsythe, first place; “Volcanic Rock” with Amanda Hoffman as piano soloist, second place; and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” featuring Isabella, Sophia and Zoe Pinamonti as singers. They were accompanied by Madeleine Taylor, Hannah Newcomer, Violet Biggs and Will Schindler on guitars. “The Spider Stomp” followed with Will Schindler doing an improv on guitar.
Mid-America Music Festival as held April 18 at Pittsburg State University. Receiving a I plus rating in piano solo was Rachael Holden. Other I ratings in piano solo went to Jonah Carl, Kourtney Endicott, Marque English, Haley Eshelbrenner, Natalie Harris, Amanda Hoffman, Abbie Moody, Allie Moody, Annie Moody, Gracie Lopez, Kaylin Moser, Katie Painter, Isabella Pinamonti, Sophia Pinamonti, Zoe Pinamonti, Andrew Riachi, James Richey and Gracie Van Becelaere. Will Schindler received a II plus in piano solo.
Receiving I ratings in vocal solo were Natalie Harris and Rachael Holden. Sage Brown received a II in vocal solo. Will Schindler and Audey Hamblin both received I ratings in guitar solo, and Violet Biggs received a II in guitar solo.
All students earning I ratings received gold medals and those with II ratings received silver medals at the award party, as well as certificates from PSU.
Method Book trophies were earned by Katie Painter, Haley Eshelbrenner, Gracie Lopez, Zoe Pinamonti, Sophia Pinamonti and Isabella Pinamonti, Morgan Burns and Anna Brunskill for completing their primer level books. Kourtney Endicott earned her trophy for completing her level one Music Method books.
National Federation of Music Clubs One-Year  Superior Certificates were presented to Jonah Carl and Katie Painter for pre-primary piano solo; Morgan Burns, Haley Eshelbrenner, Gracie Lopez and Andrew Riachi for primary I piano solo — Riachi’s third consecutive year of superior ratings; James Richey, primary II piano solo; Abbie Moody,  primary III piano solo; Rachael Holden, primary IV piano solo - her second consecutive superior; Heidi Warlop, medium class piano solo; Kaylin Moser, moderately difficult piano solo; Sage Brown, junior III vocal art song; Natalie Harris, primary III vocal musical theater; Rachael Holden, senior I vocal musical theater; Joey White, difficult class classical guitar; Audey Hamblin, medium class pick-style guitar - his third consecutive superior.
Receiving superior certificates for musicianship-theory tests were Haley Eshelbrenner, Level I; Josh Adamson, Gracie Lopez, second consecutive year; Katie Painter, James Richey and Gracie Van Becelaere, second consecutive year, Level II; Abigail Anderson, Sage Brown, second consecutive year, and Amanda Hoffman, Level III; Kourtney Endicott, fourth consecutive year, and Rachael Holden, second consecutive year, Level IV.
National Federation of Music Clubs First Gold Cup Awards, requiring 15 points, for piano solo went to Andrew Riachi, Kourtney Endicott and Annie Moody; Rachael Holden, vocal solo musical theater; Audey Hamblin, pick-style guitar; and Abigail Anderson, musicianship-theory. Lara Ismert received two Third Gold Cups, requiring 45 points, in piano solo and musicianship-theory test.
Lara Ismert was honored with the presentation of her graduation trophy with the purple and white colors of her school, Pittsburg High School. She received a $500 Music Scholarship from Fine Arts of the Four States, as well as a Pittsburg State University Presidential Scholarship. She performed her Senior Scholarship Showcase recital May 8 in Iola and May 9 at PHS along with Eileen Chase, the other  Fine Arts of the Four States scholarship recipient. Ismert plans to attend PSU in the fall.
Students participating in the Growing Trophy this year were Zoe Pinamonti, Sophia Pinamonti, Isabella Pinamonti, Jonah Carl, Marque English, Audey Hamblin, Gracie Van Becelaere, Will Schindler, Natalie Harris, Sage Brown, Andrew Riachi, Amanda Hoffman, Heidi Warlop, Haley Eshelbrenner, Kaylin Moser, Gracie Lopez, James Richey, Katie Painter, Kourtney Endicott, Rachael Holden and Ismert. Ismert received the largest trophy with an accumulation of 35,630 points.
Featured this year in the work of the Growing Trophy were scales, improvisation and harmonizing the scale patterns, ear training, definitions as well as practice time and method book work and memorization. Responsibility bonus points were also part of the Growing Trophy.
Special achievement certificates from the Lyerla Music Studio were presented as follows: Kourtney Endicott for transposition, composition and concert attendance; Katie Painter for method book work and perfect attendance; Heidi Warlop for concert attendance and piano performance; Rachael Holden for wrap ups and live performance; Lara Ismert for sight reading, practice time, memorization and piano performance; Gracie Lopez for bonus responsibility points; Kaylin Moser for scale work; Sage Brown for musical definitions; Reece Burns for memorization and pick-style guitar performance; Joey White for classical guitar work; Audey Hamblin for pick-style guitar performance; and Stephen Baldwin for vocal solo performance.
Rachael Holden earned the Musical Marathon Championship Trophy for 2009 with a  total of 51,750 points. First place advanced was earned by Lara Ismert, first  place intermediate  was presented to Kourtney Endicott, first place older beginner went to James Richey, and first place beginner was given to Katie Painter.
Second place advanced went to Heidi Warlop, second place intermediate was earned by Kaylin Moser, second place older beginner went to Amanda Hoffman, and second place beginner was presented to Gracie Lopez.
Third place advanced was awarded to Stephen Baldwin, third place intermediate went to Audey Hamblin, third place older beginner was Andrew Riachi, and third place beginner was earned by Haley Eshelbrenner.
Fourth place advanced certificate was awarded to Sage Brown, fourth place intermediate certificate was earned by Reece Burns, fourth place older beginner went to Will Schindler, and fourth place beginner was Natalie Harris.
A reception with finger foods and beverages was held following the awards. Hostesses were Lorene Hoffman and Mary Painter. Award assistant was Stephen Baldwin. Programs were created by De Hamblin. Doing decorations were Melissa McCool, Joe Tomasi and Donna Lyerla. Brett Lyerla created the graphics, and John Owen operated the PowerPoint display. In charge of sound was Mike Dalton. Emcee and senior graduate was Lara Ismert, and Audey Hamblin provided drums. Trophies were created by Jim Berger of Custom Awards Plus, and Photographer was Floyd Lyerla. Music director of the Lyerla Music Studio is Donna Lyerla.