This is an appeal to PSU students as well as the University Administration.

This is an appeal to PSU students as well as the University Administration.  The Pittsburg  community loves and supports the university.  I admire the contributions that it brings to our city!  However our property and neighborhood have been assaulted by students who seem to not understand what a "Good Neighbor' is.
We have had our storm door ripped out in the middle of the night by a student who, in an altered state, thought he lived here!  In the last six months we have had two of our cars rear ended through no fault of our own.  The night of the December graduation, one of our cars, which was legally parked, was hit into our neighbor's front yard.  Five mail boxes were mowed down.  Cars are parked in front yards on the grass, cars arbitrarily turn around, leaving ruts on private property, and, every day, cars and motorcycles test how fast they can get to the stop sign two blocks away!  Oh, I do not want to forget that last January, my electricity and cable service were cut off because the student renter gave the wrong address for the shut-off!  All of this has occurred in a one square block area.  How many neighborhoods in Pittsburg might be experiencing these types of things?
I feel the Zoning Board and the city leaders have let us down because, this nice quiet  neighborhood, where two streets dead end,  has been over-saturated with many, many duplexes.  There are three duplexes recently built at a dead-end street.  There are approximately 24 to 30 vehicles which are parked there and then rush down my street!  Something about that does not seem to make good sense!
Our family supports PSU.  We do not want to deny students any of their rights.  However, I do expect them to give me and all of Pittsburg the same respect.  Teaching is best done by example.  It starts with the university administration.  Consider for one moment that the citizens of Pittsburg are the tax payers that pay for the university and the streets.  By the way, my property taxes go up every year! The administration should lead the way and show the students that they should respect the community that coexists with them.
When the university suggests interrupting the normal flow of traffic on our streets , such as Joplin, they are not being good neighbors!