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  • Guest visit, games mark 100 days of school

  • Kindergarten students in USD 250 completed their first 100 days of formal education on Thursday.

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  • Kindergarten students in USD 250 completed their first 100 days of formal education on Thursday.
    Many classrooms throughout the district celebrated the milestone, and elementary students at Lakeside and George Nettels enjoyed visits from the elusive “Zero the Hero,” a superhero who makes visits and leaves goodies on days that end in zero in the students’ daily count.
    Lakeside kindergartners each donned crowns with the number 100, and looked up as Zero walked into their classrooms.
    They counted to 100 with him - by ones, tens, fives and more. Zero had the students participate in different sets of actions, which he called “Zeraerobics,” and led them in clapping or stomping to particular types of numbers with each count.
    He then complimented them on their knowledge.
    “I can’t believe how much you’ve learned so far this year, in just 100 days,” Zero told the students.
    While Zero has been spotted at George Nettels every 10 school days, Lakeside kindergarten teachers said he tends to make his visits there during the overnight hours, and students find the surprises the following morning. Students then journal about what he left.
    “Every 10 days, Zero leaves a surprise in the classrooms,” said Missy Vacca, Lakeside kindergarten teacher.
    She said Lakeside made a special arrangement to have Zero present for the centennial celebration.
    “We only have him come on day 100,” she said.
    Kindergarten teacher Janice Grisham said Zero likes numbers that end in zero and things that are round.
    “Everything he leaves is in the shape of a zero,” Grisham said, adding that today’s treasure was 100 rubber bands, but that other finds have included coins, bubbles and circular office supplies.
    She said that day’s line leader then decides how the class will count the items that are left.
    Zero’s visits to George Nettels every 10 days turn up similar treasures, including cereal shaped like a zero, paper reinforcement stickers and cutout zeros.
    George Nettels kindergarten teacher Dena Eckelberry said part of the kindergarten curriculum is learning that zero is a placeholder and learning that counting starts at zero. She said Zero’s appearances every 10 days help mark the patterns in numbers.
    Kelly Schaub, also a kindergarten teacher at George Nettels, said Zero always ends his visits with the same question.
    “The last question he always asks is, ‘How many days until I come back?’” she said.
    Both Eckelberry and Schaub said their day was filled with fun, including a 100-day trail mix with 10 each of 10 items; 100-day books; a dot-to-dot with 100 dots; and 100-day crowns and hats.
    Each student also collected 100 items at home and showed off their collections during the afternoon, with a plethora of items including blocks, toy cars, pennies, LEGOs, balloons, cereal, wood blinds, dominos, superheroes, marshmallows and more.
    Page 2 of 2 - While Vacca and Grisham did not say whether they had 100 activities planned for Lakeside kindergartners, both had long lists of ideas, including working 100-piece puzzles, counting out and eating 100 pieces of cereal, being quiet for 100 seconds and more.
    Anything that has to do with 100, we’re doing,” Vacca said.

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