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  • TROJAN TRIBUNE: Girard SAFE hosts first mock crash

  • Girard’s Seatbelts Are For Everyone program hosted the first-ever mock crash at GHS Thursday, April 25.

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  • Girard’s Seatbelts Are For Everyone program hosted the first-ever mock crash at GHS Thursday, April 25.
    Several local businesses and organizations helped put on the demonstration in order to show the students the consequences of drinking and driving.
    The Girard Police Department, Girard Fire Department, Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, Crawford County EMS, Crawford County Coroner, Smith Caron Wall Funeral Home, Diskin’s Towing, SRO Bryan Burks, four SAFE members and the school’s SADD program all played a part in the presentation for GHS students.
    The mock crash depicted a drunk driving incident involving four students, with SAFE members playing the roles of these students.
    Senior Stephanie Moutz acted as the drunk driver, senior Hayden Bauer was the severely injured passenger, senior Taylor Evans played the slightly wounded student, and senior Katelin White played the role of an ejected passenger who was killed on impact.
    After the supposed crash, the call was made to the police department, and all responsive parties arrived on scene. The parties acted as they would if a real crash had occurred while Undersheriff Steve Geier narrated what was transpiring.
    Once everyone was on scene, Ms. Moutz was questioned by authorities and then arrested once they had determined she was under the influence.
    Ms. Evans was attended to immediately in the ambulance, and Ms. Bauer was trapped inside the vehicle. Ms. White was pronounced dead and was untouched while responders attended to Ms. Bauer.
    After trying to pry the door off the vehicle, Girard emergency responders determined that they could not get Ms. Bauer out safely and would have to cut the roof off. It took nearly half an hour to get Ms. Bauer out of the vehicle safely and into an ambulance.
    Once all injured parties were safely in the ambulance, Ms. White was placed in a body bag and was the last to depart the scene.
    With regard to the mock crash, Girard SRO and SAFE sponsor Sgt. Bryan Burks said, “This event was done to make the students at GHS aware of what takes place during a traffic crash. We want them to realize the effects of drinking and driving, seatbelt safety and how their actions can affect others. Hopefully, seeing one of their fellow classmates paced into a body bag and put into a hearse will make them realize how valuable life is.”
    SAFE member Stephanie Moutz, who had been the victim of an actual drunk driving incident last year, donated the car used for the mock crash. She and two other GHS students suffered injuries in the crash.
    Regarding the condition of her car after the roof removal, Ms. Moutz joked, “Well, I guess you could say I now own a convertible.”

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