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  • Putting out our magazine, The Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal, is a major job, and because of that, I have not been able to finish several books I have started

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  • Putting out our magazine, The Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal, is a major job, and because of that, I have not been able to finish several books I have started. That should change now, as I have hired another employee, Mrs. Kathy Pirtle, from over around Stockton, Missouri, who will be helping with many things I can’t keep up with. Kathy will mainly be in charge of advertising in our magazine and on my radio program. She will also help me respond to folks who contact us through the mail and via computer.

    Most of you know I am not very computer savvy, nor do I want to be. I want to spend my time outdoors if possible, and I hate sitting behind a desk unless I am writing. So I have started but not finished several more books, and I intend, now that I have Kathy working for me, to publish at least two of those books by fall, and possibly three. If I succeed that will give me a total of ten. Kathy will arrange and keep track of the festivals we attend, and speaking engagements. I speak at various places where groups want to hear about the outdoors in a humorous or nostalgic way, and to tell the truth, I have a hard time remembering where I am suppose to be and when.

    Kathy will also be helping to set up new websites, one of them for the conservation group which we started years ago called Common Sense Conservation. We have a hard time keeping everyone, scattered across the Ozarks, informed about this organization, and I believe we have to have a website where Missourians can discuss the Missouri Department of Conservation and what they are doing. Almost no news agency will cover the way that the agents of the MDC behave, or how the money is spent or misspent. Mismanagement of our forests and rivers and wildlife areas is never ever shown, and I would like to have a website which shows photographs, and publishes the truth about what this bunch is doing.

    People who are being targeted by agents who illegally come into their homes will have a chance to tell their stories on this website, and if the MDC will respond, we will put their side of it on the website. They won’t. As a writer who has long tried to get information from them about what the state agency is doing, I can tell you that as much as they cry about presenting both sides of the story, an agent who abuses his power will not talk at all about what has happened. Never has there been an opportunity for falsely accused, and bullied hunters and fishermen to tell their story. Large newspapers and television stations seem to be owned by the MDC.
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    Hopefully, now we can pull together the people out there who want to see changes made, and we can shine some truth on what the Missouri Department of Conservation has become.Sometime before fall gets here, she will organize another big dinner for all of our Common Sense Conservation members and get started making this a viable and strong organization, working for desirable change in the MDC.

    You can write me at box 22, Bolívar, mo. 65613 or email me at lightninridge@windstream.net. The website is larrydablemontoutdoors.blogspot.com The radio program airs each Sunday morning at 8:06 on KWTO, 560 AM, or radiospringfield.com

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