The Frontenac sixth grade math class recently finished up their 2008-2009 school year. 

The Frontenac sixth grade math class recently finished up their 2008-2009 school year.  This was such a great year for the math class!  To start the year off, students were exposed to a new math program called, If I Had A Hammer, which was sponsored by Pittsburg State University and Crossland Construction.  In the Hammer curriculum students were able to construct a small building that represented a home.  The building of the home took place at 5-mile camp.  The students also were involved in numerous other hands on activities that went along with the math curriculum.   It was very inspiring to see the students learn life skills and what math skills go into building a home.
The sixth graders also scored very high in their math state assessments.  I was so proud of their work ethic and eagerness to learn.  Each student wrote down a goal for themselves that they wanted to score based on last years scores.  If students reached their goal they were given a prize for reaching that goal.  Students were also given a goal from the school district.  The class surpassed that goal and in return was treated to a day at the Bridge in Joplin, Mo., as well as a day out of school.
To end the school year the sixth graders were put into teams of three and four to construct blue prints of their dream homes.  They were given guidelines and had to reach those before they could start building the houses on their blue prints.  The students were then able to build their homes out of popsicle sticks and hot glue guns.  The students then displayed their projects at the school wide assembly.
I was very proud of the hard work that these kids put into making this year such a success and a joy for me to teach.  I wish them the best of luck next year!  I know with all of the creative and motivated kids in this class they will all be successful in the future.

Jeremy Rakes is a teacher at Frontenac Junior High School.