Pittsburg Public Library isn’t exactly haunted, but there definitely is paranormal activity abuzz within its walls.

Pittsburg Public Library isn’t exactly haunted, but there definitely is paranormal activity abuzz within its walls.

So says Nick Corey, founder of Jasper Haunts Paranormal Research Team of Carthage, Mo. Corey and his team recently performed an investigation of the library at the request of library officials for their Haunted Happenings at the Library program.

Corey, who has been a paranormal investigator since 2005, presented his findings, as well as the results of several of other investigations, at a lecture at the library Monday evening before an enthusiastic audience. Corey, a self-proclaimed channeler, used video cameras, infrared and night vision cameras, and EVP — Electronic Voice Phenomena — recorders to document evidence of spiritual activity in different levels of the library. His team includes case manager Bryanna Nevarez, who also is a channeler, and Devin Proctor, who says he can feel the emotions of spirits in the room.

“We use equipment as well as mediums to guide us,” Corey said.

Corey said he was drawn to paranormal research when his grandfather died.

“The things he conveyed to me brought me closer to the paranormal,” Corey said. When his grandfather had passed, Corey continued, light bulbs began to flash and other appliances turned on and off. “He was letting me know he was still there.”

Corey presented evidence of his investigation to the audience at the beginning of the lecture. During a seance, Corey and his team were able to catch on digital video camera the voice of a “spirit.” It came directly after a member of the seance giggled and appeared to say “You’re a liar.”
Other findings included the appearance of orbs in multiple pictures taken during the investigation. Orbs, Corey said, appear in different colors, and often are thought to be spirits, angels, or invisible remote viewers from UFOs.

Proctor said he felt a wide range of emotions on different levels of the library.

“In the first floor office I felt agitated,” Proctor said. “In the second floor I felt a sadness and my throat was dry. The feeling left when I left the room.”

For the most part, Corey said, the spirits in the library are benign.

“The energy really good,” he said. “They were definitely more excitable in the children’s room where the children had been. They were more anxious.”

Bev Clarkson, who helped organize the event, said she wasn’t worried about the possibility of spirits residing in the library.

“I’m open to the possibility,” she said