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  • PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Second chance at college includes study abroad

  • The course of Glenn Storey’s life was changed by a question from one of his sons.

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  • The course of Glenn Storey’s life was changed by a question from one of his sons.
    “I have two sons, Jacob, 15, and Tyler, 9, and I’ve been preaching education to them,” he said. “Three years ago Jacob was getting ready to go into eighth grade and I was talking about how important it is to get set up for high school. He said, ‘If education is so important, why don’t you have your college degree?’ That is the very reason I’m back in school.”
    Storey, 33, is now a Pittsburg State University senior with a dual major in English and history with a minor in French and 4.0 grade point average.
    He has been awarded a Gilman Scholarship, funded by Congress and sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. The funds will be used for a study abroad experience in the fall.
    “I’ll be studying intermediate level French Sept. 9 through Dec. 20 at the University of  Reims Champagne-Ardenne,” he said. “The French love their language, and it will be a huge experience to learn French over there.”
    Before his studies start, Storey intends to take advantage of the opportunity to do some traveling. He plans to leave on Aug. 19, if he can get  his visa by then.
    “I have a friend who lives in Spain and I’ll spend two weeks there,” he said. “We’ll cross over to Tangier, and then I can cross off being to Africa in my life. I like the movie ‘Casablanca’ and thought about going there, but it’s an eight-hour drive from Tangier.”
    Storey also intends to spend three weeks in Italy.
    “I want to visit Venice, Turin, Rome, Florence, Milan, Pompeii and Herculaneum, everything I’ve ever read about,” he said.
    Storey said that he has wanted to visit and travel in Europe since he was 5, and has had a deep passion for history as long as he can remember. However, he was not a deeply motivated student in the beginning.
    “I first came to PSU in 1997, right out of high school,” he said. “I had a bunch of different majors, I think I changed them every semester. I believe I had a grade point average of 1.53 when they booted me out.”
    After that, Storey spent 12 years working at Millers. Friday was his last day on the job.
    “I’m going to be a full-time student now,” he said.
    His triumphant return to PSU was made possible through the PSU Academic Fresh Start program, which allows returning undergraduate students with poor or marginal academic records to resume work towards an undergraduate degree without the detriment of their past academic performance in college.
    Page 2 of 2 - “They give you a trial semester and I took 22 hours,” Storey said. “I’ve gotten an A in every class I’ve taken since I came back.”
    He took many history classes taught by the late Judith Shaw, something of a legend in the PSU history department.
    “She would come in, take off her hat and talk, and come back at the next class session and take up right where she’d left off,” Storey said. “It was glorious. The ability to tell a story and get information into it is beautiful.”
    After he completes his PSU degree, he would like to go to graduate school, and is aiming at dual master’s degrees in history and library science.
    “In history, my emphasis would be early English history, and from 1066 to the mid-14th century the official language of Britain was French,” Storey said. English finally became the official language in its own country in 1362.”
    This means that some of the primary source materials he would be studying in his early English history would be written in French.
    “The better I understand the language, the better my capabilities will be to study primary documents,” Storey said.
    Those goals are to become a museum curator or an archivist in a library.
    “My dream job would be to work in the British Museum,” he said. “I would go out of my mind.”
    If that doesn’t work out, Storey would like a job similar to the one Randy Roberts has at Axe Library, PSU.
    He believes his semester of study in France will help him on the path to his goal. Besides that, it is a dream come true for him.
    “I will be able to stand on the spot that William the Conqueror stood before invading England in 1066, and be able to visit Paris and all the history it has to offer from across the ages,” Storey said. “To witness history come alive is beyond words for me.”
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