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  • Youth work together to produce adaptation of ‘Duffy’s Jacket’

  • It takes more than actors and a camera crew to produce a movie, as members of the Movie Makers group at the Pittsburg Public Library are learning.

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  • It takes more than actors and a camera crew to produce a movie, as members of the Movie Makers group at the Pittsburg Public Library are learning.
    Throughout the month of July, a group of area youth are learning the process of making a movie start to finish, including some screenplay, set decorating, directing, acting, filming and editing.
    As the group met Monday morning, library director Bev Clarkson asked each student to read through his or her script of the short story "Duffy's Jacket" by Bruce Coville.
    “There’s really a lot of work that goes into making a movie,” Clarkson said.
    She told the students they can play any part in the movie that they would like to.
    "If you want to be on camera, you can be on camera," Clarkson said, but added that comes with a certain commitment level. "If you want to be on screen, you have to be committed."
    The local group is able to make minor adjustments, as might have to be made in a real movie.
    For example, Colin O’Brien broke his arm over the weekend meaning his character, Andrew, will be portrayed with a cast.
    “Andrew is the main character in the story,” O’Brien said. “Andrew is going on a camping trip and Andrew dislikes camping.”
    He said Duffy, of the title, is Andrew’s cousin and tends to be really, really forgetful, which leads into some of the plot.
    Clarkson also discussed some of the things that will be involved in the process, including trips to various locations for those involved in certain scenes.
    Some participants will be taken to a wooded area for filming, and a lodge will be created in the library's studio, with some green screen working taking place as well. Those involved even will get to take a trip to a creepy stairwell (which will be filmed on the stairs leading to the third floor of the library).
    “We actually get some old, creepy stairs that you can run up,” Clarkson said.
    She also talked students through setting up tables, chairs and cobwebs for the scene in the library studio.
    Clarkson said the Movie Maker’s club began last fall and she decided to expand in this summer while the youth were out of school.
    She said she always had liked the story “Duffy’s Jacket” and e-mailed the publisher asking for permission to film it.
    “I never thought it would go anywhere,” Clarkson said, adding that when she got a phone call and the voice said, “This is Bruce Coville” she thought it was a prank.
    “He said, ‘Don’t e-mail me unless you expect a response,’” and then asked for a contract giving permission to film the story.
    Page 2 of 2 - Once the production is complete, it also will receive limited distribution within the Pittsburg Area.
    "We do have the rights to film this story," Clarkson said, adding that it cannot be posted to
    Facebook and YouTube, but that there will be a showing at the library and it may be able to be shown at The Colonial Fox if it is done in enough time to coordinate with the theater's schedules.
    “The kids would love to see it on the big screen like that,” Clarkson said.
    Clarkson said a copy will be sent to Coville and there also will be copies of the movie available for checkout at the library.
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