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  • PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Marianne Evans-Lombe will help host a Traveling Postcards workshop

  • Local artist Marianne Evans-Lombe has never limited her work to a studio or gallery. Instead, she uses her art in the community to advocate for women’s causes, for healing and hope.

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  • Local artist Marianne Evans-Lombe has never limited her work to a studio or gallery. Instead, she uses her art in the community to advocate for women’s causes, for healing and hope.
    Now she has become involved with Shelter to Shelter, part  of the Traveling Postcards program of the Women’s Wisdom Initiative.
    “Caroline Lovell, the founding director of the Women’s Wisdom Initiative, and Juliette Nolan, a mental health counselor for youth from Albuquerque, N.M., are traveling from California to South Carolina from July 1 to Aug. 1, going from shelter to shelter putting on Traveling Postcards workshops,” Evans-Lombe said. “I ran across this project while I was working on another project, ‘Calico Babies,’ with Janine Collier, a friend in Tulsa, Okla.”
    She sent a sample of her work to Traveling Postcards and offered to create a postcard.
    “Caroline Lovell asked me if  I would consider doing a workshop,” the artist said. “Pittsburg is actually one of the first workshops developed.”
    The local workshop will be held July 18 in the Pittsburg Public Library conference room with women affiliated with women from Safehouse Crisis Center.
    “Women from the community can participate, if they have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence,” Evans-Lombe said. “Those who wish to attend will need to register by calling Safehouse at 620-231-8692. They will  be screened, because Safehouse wants to be sure that no perpetrators show up.”
    Participants will create pieces of art that can fit on a postcard, sharing their voices and thoughts to help heal and encourage other women across the country. Lovell is planning an exhibit of the postcards when she returns to San Francisco, then the postcards will be shared among the women who made them.  Each woman who participates will also have the opportunity to choose a Traveling Postcard to keep.
    Evans-Lombe is excited about Traveling Postcards, and about Calico Babies, which she said is an effort to create a safe space  for women to acknowledge the negative aspects of motherhood or of the pressures to become mothers whether they feel ready or not.
    “Motherhood is not one-dimensional,” she said. “It’s way more complicated than that.”
    She said that Calico Babies will be a performance  piece with a compilation of women’s voices and an art component as well.  
    “We’re soliciting comments from women now, and we’ve gotten some amazing things,” she said.
    Evans-Lombe said the art component involves a quilt made from plastic shower curtains, an image of a “mosaic mama” and baby silhouettes. During workshops, participants may modify or decorate the silhouettes with materials such as colored pencils or colored paper.
    “After the dialogue portion of the workshop, participants are invited to add their baby silhouette to the quilt,” Evans-Lombe said. “I will photograph each quilt at the end of each workshop and post the photos on a blog about the project.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Each quilt will be a temporary expression of each workshop and will not survive beyond the workshop, except in the photograph.
    “At the end of the project, Janine will write a book around the photographs,” Evans-Lombe said. “Women can send in their comments or they can take part in a performance. They can use their name or can participate anonymously if they wish.”
    She is also taking part in Dream Rocket, a project led by artist Jennifer March.
    "Jennifer has been soliciting two-by-two quilt panels to wrap a Saturn V moon rocket,” Evans-Lombe said. “My panel is going to be for my nephew, Travis Evans-Lombe, who died in March.”
    She added that the Dream Rocket quilt panels are scheduled for display Feb. 1 through March 31 at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.
    Anyone wishing additional information about her projects may e-mail the artist at marianne.evanslombe@gmail.com.

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