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  • PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Volleyball camp grows friendships

  • It’s not just football that draws promising young athletes to Pittsburg State University. Pitt  State’s volleyball team is also a lure.

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  • It’s not just football that draws promising young athletes to Pittsburg State University. Pitt State’s volleyball team is also a lure.
    Petra Schaffer, Carinthia, Austria, is in Pittsburg for the second year to attend a PSU volleyball camp, scheduled July 17-20. Her friend Chandler Templin, Dallas, Texas, whom she met in Pittsburg last year, is attending the PSU camp for the third year.
    New friend Aryana Crittleton didn’t have to travel nearly so far because her home is in Olathe.
    “I play in a volleyball club, and when the PSU volleyball team was on a European tour we played against them,” Schaffer said. “I was really excited and looked up Pittsburg State on the Internet.”
    Templin was already well aware of PSU.
    “My dad, Steve Templin, went to PItt State, and my grandfather, Jack Templin, played football there,” she said. “I’m a big fan of their volleyball team. I came to camp and kept coming. I hope to play at Pitt one day.”
    It’s the first time at camp for Crittleton.
    “But I’ve been to the PSU campus multiple times,” she said.
    Schaffer and Templin enjoy both the campus and the Pittsburg community.
    “I really like the place,” Schaffer said. “It’s small, and the first thing I think of when I think about America is big.”
    Being from Texas, Templin knows all about big.
    “I love coming here,” she said. “The people are so different here, and everybody treats you so nice here. There are 800 in my high school class and I only know 200 of them. In Dallas you don’t get the chance to form relationships.”
    One of the nicest people Templin and Schaffer have met at PSU is Ibraheem Suberu, head volleyball coach.
    “He is one of the reasons why I came back to PSU,” Schaffer said.
    Templin said that Suberu is one of the most genuine people she has ever met.
    “His coaching style is unbelievable,” she said. “I go to two volleyball camps a year, and at one of them, the coach only worked with the top level of players and didn’t even meet the rest. When the PSU camp is over, Coach Suberu knows about every single one of the girl’s names. If you’ve been to his camp more than once, he remembers what you struggled with last year and need to work on.”
    Templin was really impressed that Suberu films camp practice sessions.
    “Then he spends two hours in a classroom telling every single girl what she did right and what she did wrong,” she said. “He’s not just out there to win games. His players are students first, and he wants to be sure they make the best of their opportunities.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Templin and Crittleton will be high school seniors in the fall, and Schaffer will be a junior. They will be attending the PSU Volleyball Team Training Academy.
    “Last week they had camp for hitters and passers,” Templin said. “This camp is more about all the skills, rather than certain skills. We’ll scrimmage with high school teams and some two-year college teams.”
    All three would love to be PSU volleyball players some day.
    “I think it’s really cool that we’ve got three girls here from Texas to Kansas City to Austria through volleyball, with the sport creating a friendship,” Steve Templin said. “PSU is a well-hidden secret. People don’t realize how awesome a school it is.”

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