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  • County considers house numbers

  • It’s not a problem, but it’s something to consider for Crawford County Commissioners.

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  • It’s not a problem, but it’s something to consider for Crawford County Commissioners.
    At Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Carl Wood brought up the possibility of putting in place larger house numbers to help first responders identify homes.
    “I talked to the sheriff, and he said that they were driving roads and noticed there were a few street signs missing,” Wood said. “Later, I found out we’re in the process of getting all the signs up in the county....[First responders] have also been having a little trouble with house numbers. They’re not as supported in the unincorporated areas, but they should be in the future so first responders can figure out where they’re going.”
    In particular, Wood noted there are many places in the county in which there may be several mailboxes across the street and together, making it slightly more difficult for first responders.
    “They may be delayed two or three minutes. But two to three minutes is a lot of time,” Wood said. “I thought all the street signs were up, but I found some down. First we have to make sure all the street signs are up, then we’ll work on the house numbers. We need to work out some type of description.”
    Wood said he had heard that in Chanute, there are small signs “in front of people’s houses” that help identify the address. He said that perhaps the county could eventually consider something along those lines, but at this point, there are no definite plans in the works, merely an idea to look into the issue before it becomes a problem.
    In other action, the county commission approved a resolution giving Rural Water District No. 1 conditional use for its new building.
    The approval comes with four caveats. First, they must put asphalt on the parking lot within 18 months. Second, sump pumps should be directed away from adjacent property lines. Third, guard rails should be installed around the ramp and the ramp must come with a lockable gate. And finally, a three-rail plastic fence on the west side must be put into place.
    Commissioners also heard from county counselor Jim Emerson, who spoke of the Kansas Association of Counties. Namely, the KAC is putting together its legislative platform and is asking for help from commissioners.
    “They’ve been pretty defensive in the legislature for years. They’d like to be more proactive in their efforts,” Emerson said. “One thing is about authority and nuisances. They’d like to give counties some of the same authority as cities on sales taxes, and maybe have home rule.”
    For now, though, he would pass along any of the commissioner’s requests.

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