Due to an overall lack of participation, the city of Pittsburg is considering suspending its walk-in clinic.

Due to an overall lack of participation, the city of Pittsburg is considering suspending its walk-in clinic.
Pittsburg City Commissioners will take up the issue at tonight’s City Commission meeting at 5:30 p.m. inside the Pittsburg Law Enforcement Center.
The walk-in clinic is made available through the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (CHCSEK) and is available for city staff and their dependents on Wednesday mornings.
“We've had it for a while and I took a look at it,” said Pittsburg interim City Manager John VanGorden. “Krista (CHCSEK CEO Postai) and I think that maybe should take a different approach.”
In an interoffice memorandum from VanGorden to City Commissioners, he said that “based on the dwindling number of patients being seen each week at the clinic, Ms. Postai and I mutually concluded that it would be in the best interest of both the city and the CHCSEK to suspend the walk-in medical clinic until such a time as the new Director of Human Resources can be hired to evaluate the effectiveness ...”
“It is not a good use of either of our resources to have just a few people there,” Postai said. “We really did touch some lives and have some success stories with the clinic.”
VanGorden said that, on the average, the walk-in clinic sees about five people each Wednesday morning.
“There's nothing negative about it,” VanGorden said. “It is a great benefit, but we just want to make it even better.”
He said that there were several things that they city and CHCSEK needed to look at to make the clinic more viable for employees and their dependents. The memorandum suggested that the services be suspended beginning May 1, 2010.
“Maybe we need to do a better job letting our employees know,” VanGorden said. “There are just a lot of things that we need to sit down and take a look at.”
In addition, VanGorden said that Postai has offered to provide city employees with monthly wellness screenings through CHCSEK.
“We’re looking at some different approaches in the interim,” Postai said. “We started with them and moved to the clinic process.”
Each month would feature a specific screening like blood pressure or skin cancer. The screenings would be performed by the CHCSEK staff at a city-owned facility on one day during each month.
“We want to see what we can do to make it better for those that can take advantage of it,” VanGorden said.

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