GMS students studied various subjects and wrapped up units to conclude the third quarter.

GMS students studied various subjects and wrapped up units to conclude the third quarter.

Dave Wutke’s seventh and eighth grade classes studied the Civil War, discussing the role Kansas played, the causes of the war, and its turning points.

His classes also studied specific battles, including The Battle of Gettysburg, The Battle of Vicksburg, and The Battle of Mine Creek.

Mr. Wutke finished the third quarter by concluding the unit.

Kim Pitts’ seventh grade classes finished a unit on food chains, food webs and energy pyramids.

Her seventh grade classes are continuing to prepare for the seventh grade Kansas Science Assessment.

Mrs. Pitts’ eighth grade classes studied biomes. They went over characteristics of both land and water biomes along with their similarities. These students also learned about the different levels of biomes found in trees.

After taking notes over both types of biomes, her students made PowerPoint presentations and flip booklets to show what they learned.

Following a test on the biome unit, they will begin an Earth and space science unit.

Terry Adamson’s sixth grade English students read a modified version of “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier and then wrote their own alternative endings to the story.
The class will now work on adjectives.

Rob Adolph’s science classes studied plate tectonics, the Earth’s crust and investigative reporting. His seventh grade classes will now create and fly hot air balloons.

Janet Jackman’s pre-algebra students finished a “Teaching Unit” where the students each chose a topic on the Kansas Math Assessment and then taught the unit and reviewed it with the other students. They also came up with their own engaging activity to go with the topic they chose.

Peggy Marshall’s sixth grade keyboarding students learned the basics of word processing using Microsoft Word and Text Edit. They are memorizing “Mrs. Marshall’s 10 Commandments of Word Processing.”

Her eighth grade Info Processing students worked on a spreadsheet unit using Excel. They were tested over how to use basic functions and formulas and how to set basic worksheets to illustrate the power of an electronic spreadsheet.

Seventh grade English students worked on a “Myself” unit. Activities included completing three short writing assignments, creating a self-portrait, examining character traits, writing a chinquain poem and creating a unique folder to keep all assignments organized until graded.

Jerry O’Rand’s reading classes completed the reading portion of the Kansas Assessment. Students spent the month of February preparing for them.

Mr. O’Rand said, “All students participated and worked very hard.”

His students will now create commercials using persuasive techniques to sell a product.