A group of us, and at this point it isn’t a very large group, are getting together to try to plan for the big event on October 12, which I don’t really have a good name for.

I would like to see that day become an opportunity for artists and craftsmen, woodcarvers, photographers, etc, who do outdoor oriented work, to display their talent. We could wind up with 30 or 40 of those gifted people attending our get together, and another 30 or 40 tables of outdoor items from vendors who have new and used lures, rods and reels, old guns, camping equipment, etc. My idea is to put the artists on one side, and the swap meet people on the other side. That’s why we will need help. The whole thing is free to the public, and to the artists and vendors. I think we will have about 2,000 visitors, as our big Lightnin’ Ridge Swap Meet every March draws about 1,500.

The original idea for that October day was the gettogether of outdoorsmen who have formed a Conservation voice to try to make changes in the way the Missouri Conservation Department does things. Citizens concerned with the many things, from the waste of our tax money to the increasing abuse and neglect of our state conservation areas to the increasing abuse from a very arrogant group of conservation agents now regularly breaking the law without having to answer for it. If you have been interested in what "Common Sense Conservationist" is all about, please visit our new website of that same name.

So if you can, come and help. Join us on that Sunday afternoon, September 15 at the church and we will lay out our plans a full month before we have that big day in mid October.

The ‘big event center’ where we will have that ‘big event’ is a 16,000 square foot building. You can’t imagine how big it is! But not only do we need help, we need to get the word out. Think of how important this October 12 day can be to a talented young artist or photographer who might get a boost in their career by displaying their work to a crowd of two or three thousand people. If you know a country or outdoor artist, someone who does wildlife paintings or wildlife photography, someone who carves or creates, tell them they need to contact me.

For any information on anything in this column, call our office number, 417-777-5227. I hope you will join me each Sunday morning on my radio program, from eight to nine, KWTO 560 AM or on your computer at radiospringfield.com