The offensive method for St. Mary's Colgan may look a lot different, with more passing than in recent memory. But the results were the same for the Panthers, with a 48-0 win at home against Erie on the opening night of high school football. The game started off with typical Colgan methodology, with a tough defense setting up a special teams play to give the offense a short field. A three-and-out forced by the defense set up a 30-yard return on a reverse to Drew Dawson, setting up the Panthers with good field position at the Red Devil 36. Two running plays later, and Luke Marquardt hit Drew Casey on a rollout pass to the left for a 29-yard touchdown barely three minutes into the game. The rest of the first quarter was relatively quiet, with the exception of a goal-line stand by the Panthers after a 62-yard rumble off-tackle by Chris Woolf to the 3. It was the second quarter in which the Colgan methodology seemed to shift, turning away from the typical Colgan run attack and more to the pass. The second touchdown was an example of that change, with four straight pass plays, capped off by 57-yard touchdown from Marquardt to Tucker Hoffman. The two hooked up again for a 29-yard touchdown later in the second. Marquardt would end with 208 yards passing before being pulled, and Hoffman would be on the receiving end of 126 of those yards. “We want to throw the ball. I like to throw,” said Colgan head coach Chuck Smith. “It It makes it fun to play. If you look at Erie, a lot of their kids up close, you're not going to run on them. They've got some beef.” The defense was just as stout as ever, with two interceptions in the first half by Colton Gilbert. There were also a handful of slant patterns that were jumped by Panther defenders, but the interceptions were dropped. “I thought we could have had a couple [interceptions] for touchdowns if we could catch the ball,” Smith said. “Our strength is our defense. When we were up 7-0, we had that good goal-line stand and [Erie] couldn't score. Our defense played big.” At halftime, the Panthers had a 28-0 lead and would add to it immediately. Austin Commons took a line-drive second half kickoff 83 yards down the left sideline for a touchdown. “That was big for the return team. Brad Snow felt good, he's our special teams coach. It was good for Austin. The whole kickoff return team felt good. It kind of ended the game right there. It was a good overall win,” Smith said. Marquardt would add a nine-yard bootleg run for a touchdown for a 41-0 lead before the backups came in.