Community members and Pittsburg High School students will raise their voices in song together during the Pittsburg Multigenerational Choir concert in the school auditorium.
The event will be held at 7 p.m. Monday in the PHS auditorium.
"We're in our fifth season now," said Susan Laushman, PHS vocal music instructor and choir director.
She started the choir with her PHS Girls Glee and community women. In 2012 Laushman extended the choir to include men from the community and PHS boys in the Encore vocal group.
Selections for the women's choir will included "Top of the World" and "Taylor, the Latte Boy," both arranged by Mack Huff, "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home," arranged by Greg Gilpin, "Look to This Day" by Bob Chilcott, and "Soulmates" by Joy Leeper, a community member of the women's multigenerational choir.
"The last two years we've been doing one of my songs," Leeper said. "It's fun to arrange it and a thrill to hear my songs sung by 80 voices."
The men's portion of the program will include "Aura Lee/Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by the Barbershop Harmony Society, "Belief" by Gavin DeGraw, arranged by Jacob Narverud, "Riders in the Sky" by Stan Jones, arranged by Norman Luboff, "I'm a Rollin'" by Paul Rardin and "Shine" by Timothy Snyder.
The combined choirs will sing "Change the World," arranged by Mark Brymer and featuring a solo by PHS principal Jon Bishop, "No Mirrors in My Nanna's House" by Ysaye M. Barnwell and "The Promise of Living" by Aaron Copland.
Accompanying the musicians will be Alex Urbina and Raul Munguia on violin, Ernesto Estigarribia on viola, Maria Goydy Rios on cello, Bob Laushman on drums and Morgan Ebbs on bass.
Conductor will be Cooper Neil, PHS instrumental music instructor.
"Mrs. Laushman has selected a very interesting variety of music that I think everyone will enjoy," said John Gladson, community member of the choir. "She's a wonderful teacher and director and makes sure that each class session is productive and enjoyable. I always leave with a sense of accomplishment. It's easy to see why PHS has such a popular and successful choral program."
That's music to the ears of Tootie Hodges, a community member of the women's choir and Laushman's mother.
"I am able to watch her teach and I am so proud of her," Hodges said.
Gladson also praised the student members of the men's multigenerational choir.
"The young men of PHS Encore show a lot of pride and enthusiasm at each rehearsal," he said. "It is a privilege to be performing with them. We 'community men' are really enjoying the experience and I think that the students are as well."
Rev. Tom Schindler said he believes it will be well worth the public's while to brave the cold Monday night to attend the concert.
"It will be a great way to prepare for Thanksgiving week," he said. "I felt like a kid in a candy shop every Wednesday and Thursday to be surrounded by such a talented group of singers. What fun to be a part of the kind of learning experience Mrs. Laushman offers to her students. And for me, the frosting on the cake will be singing in the choir with my grandson, William."
The women, community and student, are also enthusiastic.
"I've been in the choir all five years, and it just keeps getting better and better," said community member Vonnie Corsini.
PHS senior Chelsea Garretson has been in the choir for four years.
"It's really fun to come to class and mingle with the ladies from the community," she said.
Janet Bryant is a first-timer in the choir.
"I just moved here in April," she said. "I love to sing and was so excited to learn about the multigenerational choir. I really enjoy getting to know these ladies, and I hope to make the choir a tradition."
PHS freshmen Milana Blessant and Gabrielle Boyd are also brand new.
"It's giving us new experiences," Blessant said.
Boyd said she's happy that she's getting an opportunity to make friends with older women, not just those her own age.
"I just love coming into class," said PHS junior Shelby Simpson. "It's like a big family. I love spending time with these ladies."
The feeling is mutual.
"I must say how impressed I am with the PHS girls," said community member Joan Farrell. "They're great gals and great singers."It's not necessary to be a great singer to take part, but participants can grow as singers.
"I think it's amazing how well you think you can sing when you join all these voices," said Carol Carpino, community choir member for four years.
Some choir members sang together years ago.
"I joined because there are five of us PHS 1956 classmates in the choir," said community member Margaret Butler . "Three of us were in a double trio in high school and we're still singing. Our accompanist was Kaye Lynne Webb, and now she sings in the multigenerational choir."
Another classmate, Jack Lemon, is in the men's choir.
"I'm enjoying singing with the young men and the men my age," he said. "I'm just having fun."
"It's great we all get to come together and sing," said student Autumn Thoennes.
Girls Glee members are Kara Adamson, Ashley Beitzinger-Marrone, Milana Blessant, Gabrielle Boyd, Cassidy Brown, Ashley Burch, Sara Clemens, Kelsey Duggan, Brittney Dutton, Karlie Ellis, Julianna Felter, Kim Fraker, Chelsea Garretson, Amanda Green, Jessilynn Hooper, Champagne Jones, Skyler Jones, Desiree Kraft, Keira Leer, Aspen Lloyd, Mtayea Lomax, Rachel Martin, Kaitlynn Maslen, Kirbie McMurry Destinee Perry, Hayley Rhea, Shawna Rush, Shelby Scott, Erica Seal, Shelby Simpson, Emma Stainaker, Autumn Thoennes, Phoebe Waring, Ashley Watkins, Delilah West, Sydney Wilson and Alexa Yantis.
Community women in the choir are Lois Amershek, Kathleen Brown-Cecora, Janeil Bryan, Janet Bryant, Margaret Butler, Judi Campbell, Carol Carpino, Vonnie Corsini, Karen Davis, Joan Farrell, Barbara Foresman, Frances Hamm, Carol Hammerbacher, Tootie Hodges, Patty Horgan, Sharon Johnson, Shirley Kennedy, Joy Leeper, Rebecca Lomshek, Susan Lundy, Cheryl Mayo, Diann Mazurek, Mary Mummert, Lynda Nelson, Diane Newcomb, Anne Paarman, Juanita Phillips, Mary Reeves, Carolyn Robison, Karen Shepherd, Verna Lou Smith, Beverly Snodgrass, Corene Stroup, Susie Taylor, Delores Towner, Joann Triplett and Kaye Lynne Webb.
Boys Encore members are Ryan Amick, Cole Brazil, Derek Brumbaugh, Jon Commons, Hunter Cress, Josh Dial, Justin Eichenberger, Nate Finney, Cole Hamblin, Ethan Jewell, Will Jewett, Lukas McConnell, Jason McDonald, Ty Muse, Andrew Ortolani, Jack Patterson, Kenton Piatt, Alex Riley, Will Schindler, Josh Schooley, Dakota Slaughter, Ivan Walter, Jack Warring, Mark Weaver, Troy Wehmeyer, Kagen White, Keaton Wilber and Jared Wilde.
Community men are Jim Bishop, Jon Bishop, Hugh Campbell, Phil Carter, John Gladson, George Graham, Jack Lemon, Santos Manrique, Skip McConnell, Cooper Neil, Forrest Parr, John Robb, Rob Roberts, Rev. Tom Schindler, Trey Wadell, Duke Walter, Tom Wehrman and Tom Wishart.