Dear editor,
At the end of December 1,300,000 unemployed will be without unemployment benefits. Merry Christmas. I was laid off by a company where I had worked 21 years when they moved from California to Florida and didn't take anyone with them except those with names on their doors who must have had nothing to do with ruining the fifth largest trucking company in America. I was sure it wasn't my fault, but it felt like it was. I filed for unemployment benefits and started filing applications. I was confident I would soon get one of the numerous jobs available. As days turned to weeks I became less confident. The jobs didn't require a genius, college degree or a note from my mother so I was qualified. When I was young employers wanted experience. When I turned middle aged employers wanted a younger person and experience. What was I to do? Get a facelift and lie about my age? It isn't easy to find a job without a degree or a profession at middle age. I understand why those who have worked hard to acquire a degree or a profession or have worked their way up in a company feel that people shouldn't be paid just to look for a job. They can't draw unemployment forever. Many people aren't cut out to do what a college degree provides so they depend on working for someone. I hope God provides and their desperation produces a decent paying job. Merry Christmas.
Albert Newland