The way our government is being managed these days is so asinine it is making our nation the laughingstock of the whole world. The American people deserve something better and should stand up and demand that our elected officials stop all the name calling and finger pointing and get down to taking care of business at hand. Forget about your political party and bring back some sanity and some good old common sense to our government policies.
The shut-down of any part of our government costs the American tax payers billions of dollars which is money thrown down a huge rat hole. Why? I think it is merely a power grab by some party officials so they won't lose their jobs. I think every member of Congress should shed the titles of Democrats, Republicans, independents, and "tea party" advocates and get on with the business of what is best for all Americans.
There were no winners in the recent governmental shut-down and losers were the hard-working middle-class Americans who, by the way, pay your salaries. How about a "no funding" policy to stop your pay checks? I don't think that would last very long. Huh?
Thank you,
Ernest E. Coffman