03/07/14 Baker, Jennifer Mae Pittsburg Serving Time
03/07/14 Cook, Margert Loren Pittsburg Serving Time
03/07/14 Gallagher, Daniel Lee Girard A Interference with LEO; Obstruct/resist misd, Crim deprivation of prop. Other than car/gun
03/07/14 Henson, Erick Donald Chanute Giving worthless check; Value <$1000
03/07/14 Maki, Coralee Pittsburg DUI; 1st conviction
03/07/14 McKiewicz, James Anthony Pittsburg DUI 1st conviction
03/07/14 Terwilliger, Jeffery Allan Girard Parole Violation
03/28/14 Abbey, Matthew Miller Pittsburg Contempt of Court; Indirect, Failure to Appear
03/08/14 Clark, Shaunda Kaye Columbus DUI; 1st conviction
03/08/14 Greenwood, Jase Alan Pittsburg Criminal damage to property; Misdemeanor, Domestic battery; Know/reckless body harm 3rd/subs
03/08/14 Hudson, Andrew Silas Cherokee Failure to Appear
03/08/14 Page, Kyle Colby Girard DUI; 1st conviction
03/08/14 Scott, Justin Wren Jasper Veh liability insurance req, Transporting an open container, DUI; 1st conviction
03/08/14 Smith, Weston Reid Joseph Pittsburg DUI; 1st conviction
03/09/14 Davis, Isaac Lee Girard DUI; 1st conviction
03/09/14 King, Richard Ray Pittsburg Domestic battery; Knowing/reckless bodily harm
03/09/14 Lind, Kaela Marie Pittsburg DUI; 1st conviction
03/09/14 Smith Jr, Daniel Charles Franklin DUI; 1st conviction
03/09/14 Stebens, Christopher Matthew Frontenac Domestic battery; Physical contact in rude manner
03/10/14 Addison, Rhonda Jean Girard DUI; 1st conviction, DWS; 1st conviction
03/10/14 Chandler, Brandon Dee Webb City Veh; Unlawful Acts; e.g. registration, Operate MV w/o valid licence
03/10/14 Foley III, Melvin Ray Windsor Battery; Physical contact, Agg burglary, Agg robbery, Criminal damage to property; Misdemeanor
03/10/14 Hunziker, Brandy Michelle Fort Scott Veh; Unlawful Acts; e.g. registration, Veh liability Insurance req, Poss of opiate, narcotic, or certain stim
03/10/14 Lawrence, April Christine Girard Manuf controlled subs or analog, Possess opiates/opium/narc drug and certain stim, Interference with LEO; Obsrtruct/resist felony, Domestic battery; bodily harm, Possess ephedrine or precursor w/intent, Battery against LEO, Poss para w/intent to manuf/plant/cult
03/10/14 McCaulley, Tonda Marie Pittsburg Possess opiates/opium/narc drug and certain stim, Use/poss drug paraphernalia/human body
03/10/14 Nash, Robert Christopher Jo Pittsburg Poss of hallucinogenic drug
03/10/14 Orender, Patrick Eugene Failure to Appear
03/10/14 Rakestraw, Jason Everett Girard Probation Violation, Probation Violation
03/10/14 Thompson, Charlotte Sylvia Pittsburg Veh; Display of license plates, Veh liability insurance req, DWS; 1st conviction
03/10/14 Venturella, Adam Lane Pittsburg Cultivate/distribute/w/int opiates/opium/narc/stim, Possess ephedrine or precursor w/intent, Possess opiates,opium/narc drug and certain stim, Use or poss paraph w/int to cultivate cont subs, Manuf controlled subs or analog
03/11/14 Coleman Jr, John Earl Pittsburg Serving Time
03/11/14 Feugate, Stephen Michael Girard Refusal to submit test; 1st conviction, DUI; 1st conviction
03/11/14 Grossstephen, Joe Pittsburg Burglary; Building is a non-dweling, Possession of certain stimulants, Theft of prop/services; Value $1,000 to $25,000, Burglary; Building is a non-dwelling
03/11/14 Heffner, Christopher Reic Pittsburg Failure of Services
03/11/14 Kingman-Fussell, Samueal Jo Pittsburg Use/poss drug paraphemalia/human body, Possesion of certain hallucinogenic drugs
03/11/14 Lumley, David Aaron Pittsburg Possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs
03/11/14 Stephenson, Jenny Sue Frontenac Veh; Unlawful; e,g, registration, Veh liability insurance req
03/12/14 Addison, Rhonda Jean Girard Probation Violation
03/12/14 Fuller-Rose, Natalie Elaine Pittsburg Failure to Appear
03/12/14 Groover, Valerie Rose Pittsburg Theft value <$1,000
03/12/14 James, Justin Eugene Girard Failure to Appear
03/12/14 McDonald, David Lee Frontenac Failure to Appear
03/12/14 Pamperin, Christine Petra Pittsburg Battery
03/13/14 Hinkle, Valerie Lynn Webb City Serving Time
03/13/14 Lynn, Matthew Scott Pittsburg Battery, Criminal damage to property; Misdemeanor
03/13/14 Myers, Ronny Justin Pekin Agg criminal sodomy; Off 18 or older, child <14
03/13/14 Potter, Brian Richard Fort Scott Crim damage to property; Without consent <$1,000
03/13/14 Span, Crystal Dawn Pittsburg Failure to Appear, Failure of Services