Runners and non-runners alike took on a 5K for a good cause Saturday morning when they ran to help raise funds for Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County.

Michelle McConnell and Luke Robinson coordinated the event, which Robinson wanted to do in order to do good in the community.

"Somebody mentioned we should do a 5K," Robinson said. "The first thing that came to mind was that we should do a fundraiser for Habitat."

The local chapter of Habitat, Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County, works in partnership with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable housing, and the homes are then sold at no profit and with no interest charged.

"Our goal was to get over 50 people participating," Robinson said of the inaugural event.

He added that the event coordinators hoped to raise $1,000, and they came close with a total of $928.

"It will go into our general fund and will help to build our next house," said Christine Schindler, a Habitat volunteer who helped with the event.

Angie Clark’s family will be the partner family in the next home built, and she was at the race cheering for the runners.

"I’m very excited," she said. "I have never been an emotional person and this whole experience has been so emotional for me."

Clark said work on her family’s new home, at 500 S. Ozark in Girard, will begin April 26 and her family already has invested 50 hours in other Habitat homes, which is required before beginning on their own.

"Volunteers provide most of the labor, and individual and corporate donors provide money and materials to build Habitat houses," said a press release issued by McConnell about the event and it’s beneficiary. "Partner families themselves invest hundreds of hours of labor - ‘sweat equity’ - into building their homes and the homes of others. Their mortgage payments go into a revolving Fund for Humanity that is used to build more houses."

Clark said those involved in Habitat become like a larger family.

"You want to become a part of t once you’ve been offered this opportunity," she said. "It makes you feel more appreciation. It’s a lifelong thing. You become family."

Robinson’s sponsorship of the event also brought out the runners.

He said he canceled his usual fitness classes for the morning and instead encouraged participants to run in the race.

Several did, and Robinson said it was not tough to tell which participants were his students based on the glares and comments he received as they ran by him on their first lap of the course. However, all said they were glad to do so for a good cause.

McConnell said she appreciated the support of the event.

"It is nice that in 45 minutes you can make such an impact," she said. "Habitat is a big part of my life and the life of a lot of people we know. It’s nice to see the support of everybody."

Taking home awards for their runs were:

12 and under: Jacob Wells

13-19: Taylor Trammel

20-29: 1 Karl Wicker, 2 Alex Houdahelt, 3 Ali Bishop

30-39: 1 Jennifer Schott, 2 Frank King, 3 Laura Covert, 3 David Miller

40-49: 1 Todd Polan, 2 Janet Heckert, 3 Brenda Maynard

50 and up: 1 Murray Balk, 2 Tim Bishop, 3 David Hurter