Dear editor,
Many of you wouldn’t know Darrell Issa from Darrell, Darrell and Darrell and might not know them. Darrell Issa is Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The title would make you believe this committee would consist of serious members doing a tough job. You would be wrong. Issa runs this committee like Chairman Mao. He is one arrogant abusive vindictive mean ornery dude and doesn’t care how big of jerk he is or how much taxpayer money he wastes searching for gold. The gold he searches for are scandals involving the Democrats and Obama, but so far he’s only found fool’s gold. The Republicans control the committee and determine who or what they investigate so they investigate Democrats. That’s how Congress works. Works probably isn’t the right word. In three years his committee has investigated Solyndra who received $538 million in “stimulus” and went bankrupt, Fast and Furious a plan by Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Division of the Justice Department to track illegal firearms into Mexico and one of the guns was used to kill a Border Patrol agent, Benghazi, Libya is where Ambassador Christopher Cox and three other Americans were killed and the IRS scandal was about checking right wing applications for tax exempt status. Issa’s investigations only found Solyndra was a terrible investment, Fast and Furious was a horrible idea, Benghazi was tragic and the IRS was doing their job. That won’t stop Darrell from “going for gold” with our millions. Now you know Darrell!
Albert Newland