I took Sondra Gray and her husband fishing this past week and she caught some really nice smallmouth. All over again I had to explain to her why everyone should return smallmouth to the water, as they are a supreme game fish in the Ozarks, disappearing mostly because our streams are becoming so degraded, and filling in as the water recedes more and more each year. But I gained some ground when I showed her the evidence of the little yellow grubs in the meat. She doesn’t want to eat them now.
It is a fact that largemouth bass and to some extent, spotted bass, have few to no worms in the meat most of the time. That’s because, in their feeding habits, they don’t often eat the little tiny aquatic snails found in the swifter, gravel substrate where they are found.
Those snails are one of the three reasons yellow grubs are found in the Ozarks streams.
They have three hosts, and they pass in a cycle through herons, aquatic snails and the fish that eat those snails… The fish eat the snails; the herons eat the fish and then pass a certain stage of the parasite back into the water where they seek out the snail again. We might stop the whole thing if only the herons would just not… uh.. use the water for a bathroom. If they would climb up on the bank to relieve themselves…. No grubs!
I have several really good fishing reels that have been used so much they need fixing, one little part replaced or repaired. I have a fishing reel repairman coming to our swap meet who will set up a table and tell you if your reels are worth fixing. I suppose he can take your broken reels with him, fix them and send them back to you. I am darn glad I ran into him, as I am tired of paying what you have to pay at the bass pro shop repair center just for replacing some little spring and getting your reel cleaned. The name of the repair business he runs out of his home on the west side of Pomme de Terre Lake is called “Brite-Water Rod and Reel Repair. You can talk with him at our swap meet this coming Saturday.
That big day is pretty near upon us. On Saturday, the 29th we will hold our big Grizzled Old Outdoorsmen’s Swap Meet Event at the Brighton Assembly of God church gymnasium. Who knows if anyone will show up? It might just be you and me. The Church youth groups will have biscuits and gravy for breakfast and pork sandwiches and hamburgers for dinner with fixin’s and pie. There’ll be 45 tables loaded with all kinds of outdoor stuff and it is FREE to the public. How many times do you find something of this magnitude you can attend free?
I will be selling and signing my outdoor books of course, and making some of my famous turkey calls, guaranteed to call in big ground-raking gobblers on a regular basis.
The church is found 16 miles north of Springfield just off Highway 13. You turn east at the Hwy 215 junction that goes to Pleasant Hope, then turn north on old Highway 13 just a few hundred yards to the east. If you are coming from the north the 215 turn-off is on the left, about 6 miles south of Bolivar. Look for the swap meet signs.
Write to me at Box 22, Bolivar, Mo. 65613, or email me at lightninridge@windstream.net. My website is under larrydablemontoutdoors.