To the editor,
I’m both heartsick and angry. A few months ago, a friend of mine resuced an American Bulldog. Her vet said it has been a bait dog, judging from the injuries. My friend paid to have the dog treated and took him home. Rebound was a gentle dog who met her at the door the first evening after work with a toy wanting to play.
She brought him to work and he loved all the attention he received, even rolling over on his back for belly rubs. We all fell in love with him and several of us wanted to take him but couldn’t.
My friend tried different ways to find a home for Rebound but no one could take him. She didn’t want to put him in the paper for fear of what might happen to him, but in the end she placed the ad.
A family from Pittsburg answered the ad, they seemed to really like and want Rebound and they had a big fenced-in yard, so she let Rebound go with assurances she could call or visit.
Against her better judgment, she called to check on him and was greeted with the news that they had put Rebound down. He had bitten their nephew, but didn’t elaborate on what the nephew had been doing to cause the bite. They should have called her. She would have taken him back, long enough to find another home.
These people killed a beautiful spirit.
As for Rebound, there are no fences in heaven, so run Rebound run.
Kathy Benskin