Perhaps it's the little things that make the Pinamonti Wellness Center expansion so impressive.

Take for instance, a little light on the back of handrails on treadmills and similar machines. The person using the machine may never know if it's on, but to those waiting to use the machine, the light means the person on the machine has less than five minutes left.

Similarly, the construction on the building is at the five-minute warning stage. Already, people are being hired and some of the earliest exercises are already taking place.

Officially, the $5.2 million expansion is not quite open. There are a number of small touches and details yet to be completed. But the "soft opening" may come as soon as next week, with a grand opening later this year.

Much of the work is ready, however, including the high-tech reception area. But just beyond that reception area is the open area with plenty of equipment. But this isn't your average, everyday gym equipment.

"We're one of the first centers in America to get the Technogym Artis line," said Chris Rohde, Pinamonti director of communications. "There are maybe three to four in the states. They're big in Great Britain and much of Europe."

With a member key, or even the appropriate app on a smartphone, a person could log in and their whole workout would show up. For some, this would be a prescribed workout by a physical therapist or some other workout.

It would also identify which piece of equipment to use next. Each of these Artis machines has a Surface tablet for a touchscreen. That means a person can "walk" on a number of scenic sites, watch television, surf the Internet, or even read e-mail while working out. These machines also have videos to show the proper way to use the equipment.

But that's not the most impressive piece in the entire facility. That honor goes to the HydroWorx 2000 Aquatic Therapy Pool, which is tremendously helpful for those with knee or hip replacements. The floor, which is also a treadmill, can be raised or lowered to reduce one's weight bearing to practically nothing. The speed and depth are also adjustable, and numerous cameras will let therapists pinpoint trouble spots.

Rohde said the nearest such aquatics therapy site is in Galena.

The locker rooms nearby include full- and half-size lockers, as well as showers and even another "little thing" -- a bathing suit dryer.

There are and will be a number of services, including a locker concierge service and several classes that will start up once the facility truly gets going. Applications for new members are already taking place, from Monday to Saturday.

There will be a few services that will be available to those without a membership: use, for a fee, of one of the four massage therapy suites, and the wi-fi cafe/smoothie bar.

"It's seriously tricked out," Rohde said. "There's nothing like it anywhere around here. There's nothing like it, even in Kansas City."