A comment on a message board about “craphole small towns” has caused a war of words between Democrats and Republicans. The message board can be found at kansas.scout.com, also called Phog.net. It is devoted to fans of the University of Kansas. Where the issue becomes political is that Dakota Loomis, Kansas Democratic Party communications director, commented on the site under his real name in a thread about the “most craphole small towns.” In a comment that has since been deleted, Loomis wrote the following: “Gotta be more reminiscent of Missouri than the plains: BYE everyone but SE Kansas and Jetmore. Gotta be big enough to count as a city: BYE ELGIN, CHAUTAUQUA, TREECE. Can’t be too close to any cultural center/points of interest: BYE Crawford County. Gotta be poor, depressed, and getting worse: well, that doesn’t really help exclude folks in SE Kansas. Here are the top three contenders: Cherryvale, Columbus, and Galena.” Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kan., responded to the comment and issued a statement of her own. “As someone who was born and raised in small town Kansas and now has the honor to represent hundreds of small towns across Southeast and Northeast Kansas, I am disgusted to hear that the state Democrat party would put someone who harbors those thoughts in a key leadership position. I would hope that any Democrat who wishes to represent Southeast Kansas would immediately disavow those comments and call for his immediate removal,” Jenkins said in a statement. When reached for comment, Loomis confirmed he wrote the comment but said that the thread was not to be taken seriously. “It’s just a fun exercise. I was not being serious. If that’s an issue for anyone, I apologize,” Loomis said. Jason Perkey, Kansas Democratic Party executive director, would not comment directly about Loomis’ status, but called the issue yet another distraction by Republicans. “Lynn Jenkins and her campaign are doing exactly what Gov. Brownback is doing. They’re trying to change the conversation from real issues Kansans are facing,” Perkey said. “Lynn Jenkins turned her back on Southeast Kansas time and time again. She voted against the Farm Bill. She voted against equal pay. She voted against education funding. It’s very clear Kansans want and deserve new leaders.”