FRONTENAC — Tabled from the last meeting, the Frontenac City Council revisited the topic of the re-zoning of Kennedy Street for Countryside Self Storage, which some city residents had concerns about.

The re-zoning was initially approved by the planning and zoning commission, but the matter must then pass city council before it takes effect.

Curt Frazier, co-owner of Countryside Self Storage returned to speak on behalf of the company and after hearing the neighbor’s concerns, he came back with his compromises.

“Since that time, one of the neighbors and I spoke on the phone and traded some emails back and forth and tried to come up with a compromise to the plan,” Frazier said. “I think, in the end, we just agreed to disagree.”

He said they agreed to retract some certain areas and that he didn’t share similar concerns about an abundance of traffic the residents thought a storage facility would bring.

“This re-zoning off the table mitigates any argument for a diminishing in adjacent property values,” Frazier said.

He also said properly maintaining the property could only increase property values.

“In the end, all these increases to the property will increase the county’s appraised value and the tax base,” Frazier said.

Frontenac resident Matt Guthrie also returned on behalf of his family and neighbors to urge the council to vote against the re-zoning.

“Over the past two weeks, our neighbors have come together — and as good neighbors do — we talked and kind of came up with a plan that we all agreed on,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie asked the council to ask themselves two questions when considering approving or denying the re-zoning

“Will the changing of the zoning potentially adversely affect the property owners around it?” Guthrie said. “(Will) those benefits that they’re going to provide to our neighborhood outweigh those potential detriments?”

Guthrie complained that Countryside will level some trees in sight for storage of boats and RVs.

“That is obviously something that we don’t want, because gosh forbid, if we want to sell our house, having a boat and RV parking lot in our front yard is something we’re not looking forward to,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie said that boat and RV storage is not taxable so how does that help Frontenac. He also added that it’s potentially lowering their property values.

Frazier asked for a rebuttal, but Mayor Jim Kennedy turned him down and advised the council to make a decision. After hearing from several of their constituents, Clinton made a motion to deny the re-zoning, which Spurling seconded. The council approved to deny the re-zoning 6-2.

The council also approved the resignation of Stephen Hipfl as councilman and replaced him with David Chiappetti.

The next meeting is scheduled for noon Monday, May 18.