Students of the Lyerla Music Studio celebrated their annual Improv Awards Party recently at the First Church of the Nazarene. It was a good year thanks to the students, parents and family members. The theme for the event was THE LYERLA MUSIC STUDIO HAS TALENT with the three Emcees acting as the Audition Judges: Will Schindler, Amanda Hoffman and Bryson Spahn.

 “The Guitar Ensemble”, consisting of Matthew Gaddy, Joey White, Elwyn Davis, Will Schindler, and Donna Lyerla entertained with “La Cucaracha” while the audience sang. Amanda Hoffman joined in with a pair of maracas.

 The MID-AMERICA MUSIC FESTIVAL at PSU in April Certificates and medals were presented to Andrew Riachi , Lily Ledlow, Quorynn Harris, and Natalie Brueggemann each received a Rating of I and received a certificate and Gold Medal. Mariah Harris received a II Rating with certificate and a Silver Medal in Guitar Solo.

 A Method Book Trophy for completing the Level I Piano Series from Mrs. Lyerla was accepted by Lily Ledlow.

 The NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS (NFMC) Superior Certificates were received by: Quorynn Harris and Jorja Johnson for Pre-Primary Piano Solo (First Year); Natalie Brueggeman and Kate Smith received a second consecutive year in Piano Solo for Primary I; Daniel Riachi received a First Year Certificate in Piano Solo Primary I). Phoenix Wade accepted a Second-Year Superior certificate for Piano Solo, Primary II; Bryson Spahn was awarded a First Year certificate for Piano Solo in Elementary I; Andrew Riachi accepted a Third Year consecutive certificate for Piano Solo in Elementary III; Katie Painter received a First Year certificate in Piano Solo in Elementary IV; and Amanda Hoffman was awarded a Second Year consecutive certificate for Piano Solo in Moderately Difficult Class.

 Phoenix Wade got a Second Consecutive superior certificate in Vocal Solo Musical Theater; and Allison and Ashley Marietta both received superior certificates for guitar solo (Allison - Fourth Year and Ashley - First consecutive year) both in the Elementary Class.

 In Muicianship Theory: Mariah Harris, Quorynn Harris, and Zoey Smith received First Year Certificates in Level I. In Level II, Rachael Miller received Second Year, and Lily Ledlow got First Year. In Level III, Natalie Brueggemann, Kate Smith, and Phoenix Wade received a Third year award; Jorja Johnson a Second Year, and Daniel Riachi a First Year. In Level IV, Allison and Ashley Marietta both received a Fourth Year and Bryson Spahn got a Second Year. Joey White received a Third Year in Level IV and Matthew Gaddy a Fifth Year. Andrew Riachi was awarded a Sixth year consecutive superior certificate; and Katie Painter and Will Schindler both received a Third Year Certificate in Level VIII.

 The NFMC GOLD CUP TROPHIES were given to: Daniel Riachi for Piano Solo (First Gold Cup); Ashley Marietta for Guitar Solo (First Gold Cup); Natalie Brueggemann for Musicianship-Theory (First Gold Cup); Jorja Johnson for Musicianship-Theory (First Gold Cup); Phoenix Wade for Musicianship-Theory (First Gold Cup); and Kate Smith for Musicianship-Theory (First Gold Cup).

 The NFMC SILVER CUP TROPHY FOR ADULTS was received by Joey White for Musicianship-Theory (First Silver Cup). It requires three years or 15 points to be eligible.

 THE NFMC SECOND GOLD CUPS was received by Katie Painter, (One for Piano Solo and another one for Musicianship-Theory). Amanda Hoffman accepted a second Gold Cup for Piano Solo. It requires six years and/or 30 points accrued to receive a second larger cup.

 SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATES were awarded to: Natalie Brueggemann (Wrap Ups); Phoenix Wade (Live Performance); Amanda Hoffman (Scale Work, Piano Performance, and Practice Time); Quorynn Harris (Method Book Work); Lily Ledlow (Method Book Work and Composition); Matthew Gaddy (Method Book Work); Bryson Spahn (Perfect Attendance, Responsibility, and Accordion Performance), Daniel Riachi ( Festival Attendance); Andrew Riachi (Piano Performance and Chordal Sight Reading); Joey White (Classical Guitar), Allison and Ashley Marietta (Acoustic Guitar), Mariah Harris (Flash Cards); Jorja Johnson (Flash Cards); Rachael Miller (Theory Work), Will Schindler (Music Quiz), and Melissa McCool (Interval Sight Reading).

 The FELLOWSHIP BELL CHOIR Award Certificates were accepted by Cathy Holden, Karen Knaup, Letha Peterson, Bunnie Simmons, Judy Baumann, Rachael Holden, and Melissa McCool. Nine year Attendance and Bell Member trophies were received by Cathy Holden, Karen Knaup, and Rachael Holden. The Bell Choir played “The Wind Beneath My Wings” by Henley and Silbar Arr: Wagner and “Ride On King Jesus” Arr. by Rogers (American Spiritual)

 Winners of the Marathon Trophies from the Lyerla Music Studio were earned by:BEGINNER: first: Quorynn Harris; second: Mariah Harris; third: Jorja Johnson. OLDER BEGINNER: first: Daniel Riachi; second: Phoenix Wade; third: Natalie Brueggemann. INTERMEDIATE: first: Andrew Riachi; second: Katie Painter; third: Matthew Gaddy. ADVANCED: first: Bryson Spahn; second: Will Schindler. CHAMPION OVER ALL: Amanda Hoffman.

 WINNERS OF THE LYERLA MUSIC STUDIO HAS TALENT (High School Level) were: Bryson Spahn (First) playing “Pelican” by Walt Clements on the accordion; Amanda Hoffman (Second) playing “The Peacock of Babylon” by Tom Gerou on the piano; and Andrew Riachi (Third) playing “Pop Song” by Cassanova with the Left Hand only. (Elementary Level) were Lily Ledlow (First) in cat costume playing “Catnip Crazy” by Roubos; Natalie Brueggemann (Second) in Pirate costume playing “Pirate Song” by Olson on the piano. She told the judges “If you don’t like the way I play the piano, you can walk the plank.”; Phoenix Wade (Third), played the piano and sang the beautiful piece “Who Has Seen The Wind” by Hauber.