Two new internet companies will be bringing fiberoptic services to Pittsburg in the near future. Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative broke ground Wednesday morning on a new system which will eventually provide gigabit internet to residential and small business customers in Pittsburg.


According to Craw-Kan general manager Craig Wilbert, the new service will be similar to the Google Fiber project in Kansas City, Kansas.


“Residential, business, and enterprise customers in Pittsburg will have affordable access to the same level of service previously only offered in large metropolitan areas," Wilbert said in a release. "This brings the city of Pittsburg to the cutting edge of technology offerings for its citizens and makes it even more attractive to new or relocating businesses.”


Mainline construction started Wednesday and is expected to take 90 days to complete, with the first customers to be connected late this year.


Columbus Telephone Company's Optic Communications division was also granted a license to expand into the city at Tuesday night's Pittsburg City Commission meeting but will be focusing on enterprise customers, at least at the outset.


"Many businesses today need far more than just fast internet," Optic Communications Marketing Manager Nick Saporito said in a release. "Enterprise-grade connectivity has really become one of our specialties as an organization. Our network excels at providing custom solutions for large enterprise -- we're essentially a custom shop when it comes to connectivity."


Optic plans to begin construction by the end of the week and will be connecting customers within 120 days.


Saporito said in a phone interview that they will eventually serve residential customers.


"We're designing the core network to eventually do residential," he said. "We just don't have a time frame for that."


Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Operations Devin Gorman said the move is exciting and will help economic development within the city.


"Each year conducting your business takes more bandwidth," he said. "Having that capacity will be important for existing businesses as well as in attracting new businesses to the area."


Wilbert said in a phone interview Wednesday they believe the residential and small business customers are the key.

"I think to be truly successful in Pittsburg, you have to get into the residential and small business customers," he said, although, he added they do serve several enterprise customers in the area as well.