In light of "Thank a Police Officer Day," set for Sept. 19 the Pittsburg Area Property Owners Association gave away 75 goodie bags of candy to the Pittsburg Police Department on Wednesday.

Brody and Dexter, the department’s K9s, also got a treat courtesy of Blue Ribbon Farm and Home.

Four officers, including Patrol Lt. Diana Fries, came to thank members of the association as they stuffed goodie bags into the rest of the department’s mailboxes.

“We are really appreciative,” Fries said. “It is really great to have the community’s support.”

Cheryl Brooks, her daughter, Erica Pulliam, and John Elkins were all there representing the association. After another member discovered the holiday, Brooks said the association saw an opportunity to honor the PPD

“If you have a good relationship with your police department, when you need them, it’s great,” Brooks said. “And then are sometimes when we know stuff that they need to know, so it’s great for them too.”

Brooks said she would do the same for other first responders.

“If there is ever one for firefighters too, we will probably do the same thing for them,” Brooks said.

The goodie bags were plastic bags filled with candy. There was also a note explaining the meaning of each candy.

“LIFESAVERS, to remind you of the many times you’ve been one,” the note says, or “PAYDAY, since you’re not doing it for the money.”

Pulliam said the idea came from a post on Pinterest, but she did make small tweaks to the meaning of the candy.

“I just adapted it a little bit differently for police officers and law enforcement,” Pulliam said. “And made it to where it would also coincide with the staff members here. That was everyone would feel included.”