Dear editor,

Richardson’s editorial “On Fairness and Justice” made me hope it wouldn’t be ranting about liberals taking from the poor investor unfairly. His concern is unfair taxation on investments. He says, “So that dollar you get from your investments may have been taxed three times before it got to you — how is this fair?” MAY, says to me, he isn’t sure and fair is relative to other tax policy. Taxes are inconvenient, but generally less painful while just as fair as death which is also inconvenient. He says, to liberals “Fair” means “if you make more money than I do, have something I want or have a cuter girlfriend, I can take any or all of the above because you stole it from me and “Justice” is what you use when one group is doing better than another or you simply want to destroy whatever the evil industry du jour is.” If true, that’s envy on the liberals part and crying in his soup du jour on the editors part. Pat says, “Here’s the reality. Fairness means everyone has the same chance to succeed. Some may have a better chance than others through accident of birth.” MAY speaks to lack of certainty and equality has always been a pipe-dream since the words “All men are created equal” appeared in The Declaration of Independence. Jefferson didn’t mean all men nor were they his words, but paraphrased from the writings of Phillip Mazzei, a close friend. Life isn’t FAIR and God determines JUSTICE.

Albert Newland