Commissioners approved changing the active transportation board to include 17 members instead of 15. The change allows an additional member to come from the state parks department.

The commissioners agreed to meet with the City of Girard and a Crawford County Fair board member to try and collaborate to clean the fairgrounds prior to August when several thousand will visit for the annual fair.

Commissioners spoke about needing three new dump truck frames. Commissioner Carl Wood said he recognized the need, but felt there are other priorities. The commissioners all said the purchase of a dump truck is a big ticket item. “Not only do we need them, but with the state they are in it is a safety issue,” said Commissioner Tom Moody.

County Clerk Don Pyle told commissioners the county spent $22,000 less in April then March. Pyle said there was a number of reasons.

Commissioners have a work session planned with Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director B.J. Harris on Friday at 9 a.m. Harris will present a quarterly report.