Garage sale season is in full swing again this year. I would like to make people aware of theft at them. While setting things out first thing in the morning, customers may come in a group. They will come to the sale separately but will hang out in a group. They will pick up small items such as jewelry, CDs, and video games. These are times that are easily pocketed and unseen while you are busy setting up. If there are purses for sale they may pick one up and slip things into it or even come to the garage sale with two purses. Again it is easy to slip things into a purse. They will also pull a sticker off of one item they want to get at the small price. While one person is paying and asking questions, someone else that has come with them will be pocketing things on their way back to the car. There is always theft at garages sales and there always has been but it seems to be getting worse. I just want to make others aware to keep an eye out and a better watch of their things. This is not just my own opinion. While talking with others they have seen the same things go on at theirs. Even though it is not a department store it is still stealing and wrong at both places. At my garage sale people have said this is all I have and you can tell they are sincere, not trying to scam you; I have let them have their items for what they had. I have even given items to people I knew couldn’t afford it. The thing is most people would do the same thing so there is no need for stealing. Ask me and I will gladly give you anything I have, if you have a need for it. Others would also. There are wonderful, honest people who do come to sales and are appreciated.


Sandra Stout