It's taken me a couple weeks to calm down enough to write this column. I'm on record saying Donald Trump would never win the Republican nomination.

Boy was I wrong.

And boy, am I angry.

I get it, I do. Republicans and conservatives were angry. They were angry about Obama's election, frustrated by his policies, perturbed by the arrogance of executive agencies and utterly livid with a Republican Congress — both houses — which had done nothing to rein in the overreach.

I'm angry about those things too.

But in their anger. Their desire to "send a message," they decided to have a collective temper tantrum.

Like my two-year-old grandson they got down on the floor and threw what amounted to a national hissy-fit.

Cruz was not my first choice — I liked Rubio — but he was more than acceptable. Both were what conservatives have been saying we wanted — solid fiscal and Constitutional conservatives who would actually govern, rather than attempt to rule.

What we got instead was a 70 year-old man-child.

Trump is a populist and a demagogue with tendencies toward authoritarianism and statism. He was, until recently — like last month — a liberal Democrat.

Sure Trump is amusing, he's a reality television star. Sure he says things as he sees them. He's blunt, crass and bombastic.


These are not qualifications for president. Benito Mussolini also said things others wouldn't. He was loud-mouthed, blunt, crass and bombastic — is that really what we want?

So Republicans had their fit. They made sure everyone knew they were by-God mad.

And now, as one friend pointed out, we have a choice between a fascist and a felon — and you pick which is which.

So good job Republicans. You did it. You got an outsider nominated.

And the whole country will pay for your tantrum.

All IMHO, of course.

— Patrick Richardson is the managing editor of the Pittsburg Morning Sun. He can be emailed at, or follow him on Twitter @PittEditor.