ARMA — Balancing community needs against budget thresholds is one of the primary jobs of any city council.

As Arma Mayor Buddy Bualle, who does not intend to run again, considers the future of his office, he has asked the Arma City Council to discuss whether a part-time city administrator should be in the community’s future.

However, funding remains tight within the city.

“I would concur at this time that with budget constraints adding another position to the city would be challenging,” Bualle said. “At some point in time it should be something to consider.”

Bualle said the person who next fills the office of mayor may be comfortable picking up the duties he currently does, but may not be willing to take on the workload of the council and the administration.

Council Chairperson Johnnie Logiudici noted the council may not know where things stand until the election takes place in November 2017.

“Just think about it, those of you who will be sitting here at that time,” Bualle said. “I don’t know if it would be necessary to have someone full time. Part time ought to be enough. It’s something that ought to be kept in the back of your minds as something to consider.”

The council also discussed how its electrical rates compare with other communities in the area and the state, water rates, possible grant opportunities, future radio upgrades and purchases of additional security cameras for the city’s system and office supplies.