ARMA — Mitch Huddleston’s wife Misty knew that when she married her husband, she was also marrying his love of firearms.


“We’ve been married for 22 years, and his passion has always been guns,” she said. “I have a photo of him asleep ... in his recliner holding one.”

That devotion to firearms lead the pair to open a brand new gun shop in Arma, M&M Tactical, in May of this year.

“My husband has always wanted to have a gun shop.” Misty Huddleston said. “So when we outgrew the garage, we prayed on it, and everything fell into place with this building.”

The shop, located in downtown Arma, offers gun sales, full service gunsmithing, and in depth customization. Mitch Huddleston is certified by Cerakote, a high quality baked paint finish which comes in several colors.

“We can fully customize a gun to a the customers standards,” Mitch Huddleston said. “Cerakote really allows us to design the look of the gun to fit the customer, whether thats tan, camo, or robin’s egg blue.”

Customization is at the core of M&M Tactical according to Misty Huddleston.

“We really understand that a gun can be a guy’s baby, and we want to make sure that baby is perfect.” she said.

The store even has the ability to make custom stencils, allowing gun owners to add their favorite team or personal logo. In addition to the look of the gun, the store offers full service tactical customization such as scopes, stocks and safety options. Customers can also bring in a gun to have the Huddleston’s help them sell it on consignment.

“We want to be good to the customer. So if a stock AR-15 is going to cost them the same as a fully customized one, we will point that out.” Mitch Huddleston said. “Anytime I can save someone money, I want to do that.”

M&M Tactical also understands the special relationship that comes from a gun that has been handed down across generations.

“There's a lot of emotion that goes along with some family guns,” Misty Huddleston said. “A gun passed down from grandfather, to father, to son, means a lot to people.”

The Huddleston family relocated to Arma last year from Joplin, and say they hope their business will help the town.

“We really want to give back and hopefully someday provide jobs here,” Misty Huddleston. “When I moved here I drove down mainstreet at Christmas and thought ‘I’ve moved to Whoville.’ Arma really is a nice little town.”