PITTSBURG — Fireworks stands have popped up all over Pittsburg, but they have more to offer this year than ever before.

Technology is center stage this 4th of July with stands competing to not only provide a bang, but also a better idea of what the firework will look like at purchase.

Jake’s Fireworks employee, Mike Marietta said they will be putting some Pittsburg ingenuity to work.

“We have some technology in here, developed by Pittsburg people, that allows you to scan the box and watch what the firework will look like going off.” he said.

Jake's has several tvs and scanners set up for customers to use. They also stressed the importance to them of their local connection.

“Many of our fireworks have components made here in Pittsburg, so when you shop with us your supporting those jobs.” Marietta said.

Jakes has over 30 new fireworks as well as the new technology this year.

Lori Scantlin’s youth group operates another stand in town for Bellino Fireworks. They are raising money through the holiday sales to send artists in their youth group to a fine arts national competition.

Bellino also offers of a preview of the fireworks, but do so with an app.

“It's very cool, people just download the app and can scan the box for a preview.” Scantlin said.

Other stands are depending on old fashioned fun and new products to catch the customers attention.

Josie Reilly, an employer at the BKC Fireworks stand in Frontenac, said the new series style fireworks are always a positive part of the holiday for her.

“I like the gangster series by Blackcat,” Reilly said “Every year they add to it, this year they have a gangster gun that's really a roman candle. It's always fun to see what they add each year.”

Whatever the tactic for bringing in the crowds, it's working well.

Cassie Rhuems, a shopper at one of the local stands is already buying ahead of the holiday rush. She's celebrating her son's second 4th of July holiday, and said she hopes he enjoys the festivities.

“You never know with small children, but I really hope he enjoys it,” Rhuems said “I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family over the holiday.