PITTSBURG — Brett Macary has a lot on his plate right now.

A student and baseball player for Pittsburg State University, he recently became a business owner.

Macary opened Juice Bats four months ago, and has since hand-crafted over 50 wood bats.

“There is nothing like the feeling of watching someone play with something you created.” he said.

Macary specializes in extremely custom pieces allowing customers to have a bat which meets their unique needs.

Customers can select any color of paint, have their name or logo laser engraved, even choose the color of tape on the bat. They can also choose which color they want their logo to be, gold, silver, or black and white.

“Some people just want a cooler look,” Macary said. “I’m happy to give them that.”

The bats are handmade in Macary’s garage, and are made from high-quality wood sourced from upstate New York. He uses maple, ash, and birch for his bats.

“I wanted to get the best wood I could,” McCary said. “We buy the same wood that the major brands do.”

Mccary learned some of his woodworking skills at Frontenac High School, and received a small business grant to help him get started.

Some of his bats have found their way to Frontenac Youth League kids, while others are more further afield. Macary travels to tournaments all over the area selling his pieces. While many players use the bats for practice, there are some tournaments that require wood bats.

“A wood bat really helps you learn to find the barrel of the bat, which is really important to successful hitting.” Macary said.

Macary will graduate from PSU in December with a degree in education. Although he says his bat business isn’t going anywhere.

“I love baseball, and I like business.,” Mccary said. “So this just kind of worked out.”

More information about Juice Bats can be found on their facebook, www.facebook.com/juicebatcompany.