PITTSBURG — The littlest local residents now have another new reason to enjoy the Pittsburg mall. A set of spinning teacups arrived Wednesday night to give children as young as two a ride.

The new attraction is owned by Cindy Fehrenbach Riachi, who recently started her business, Cindy’s Amusements, LLC.

Riachi started the company after visiting the Middle East where kids rides are very common.

“I felt like local kids were missing out,” Riachi said. “It used to be more common here, but it has faded. I’m hoping I can bring some of it back.”

Riachi said that the process to open a business was a long one for her. She worked at Walmart for a long time, saving up stock certificates. She then sold some of the stock to help pay some improvements to her home, and start her business.

“It’s a long process to open a business. I don’t know how young people manage it.” Riachi said.

She feels the sacrifices she made were worth it though.

“It’s a labor of love. If the ride breaks even I’ll be happy, but I’m hoping it does well so we can expand.” Riachi said.

Riachi plans to expand as soon as she is able. She already has her eye on another ride for the mall, a flower and bees model that swivels. Although she explained there are a lot of choices, and she hasn’t made her mind up exactly what her next purchase will be.

According to Riachi, the current tea cups have had a good response.

“We’ve had a healthy reception to it,” Riachi said. “I come down once a day to check how it’s doing. It’s had a lot of activity so far.”

Brooke McGown, a mother whose son was enjoying the tea cups, said she was happy to see them.

“We live in Wichita now, and they have rides like this.,” McGown said. “It’s great to see it in Pittsburg.”