PITTSBURG — Pittsburg Parks and Recreation’s 2016 schedule has been released and includes an abundance of opportunities for volunteers to share their time.

Events such as the Dad & Daughter Date Night, Easter Egg Hunt, Mini Mudder, Big Bang Rockfest and O.K. Kid’s Day rely on the power of volunteers coming alongside city staff members to make the events all that they are.

“It’s a community that’s growing and doing well, and it’s a great time to get involved,” said Sara Vacca, recreation superintendent for Pittsburg Parks and Recreation. “We do depend heavily on volunteers. It helps guarantee that we have quality programming,”

Vacca said the department enjoys a mix of community members, Pittsburg State University recreation students and international students sharing their time and skills, and Vacca said the result is not only a great event, but the opportunity for those involved to make new friends along the way.

“Our international students come without knowing a single person, and make friends along the way,” Vacca said. “It gives our community members a chance to meet people.”

Vacca said many also find a new enjoyment of recreation along the way.

“Sometimes, I think it’s how people run into their new passion,” Vacca said. “It’s a free opportunity to get involved. Your only cost is time.”

Volunteering also offers the opportunity for individuals to be involved according to their schedules, with the ability to sign up for one or all of the upcoming events, based individual interest and ability.

Opportunities range from helping with snacks or crafts at the Dad & Daughter Date Night to distributing eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt or medals at the Mini Mudder.

“On our signup page it describes the event and what task they would be doing,” Vacca said. “It really does allow for people to pick and choose what they want.”

For a link to sign up, go to signupgenius.com, click “Find a Sign Up” and enter sara.vacca@pittks.org. A signup sheet then lists events, ways to assist and the number of volunteers needed.

— Sarah Gooding is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at sgooding@morningsun.net.