PITTSBURG — After taking a hiatus in 2015, SEK Art Fest should be coming back with lots of artist flair this summer.

Leslie Harris, chairman of the event, said in 2014 the popular event was hit by a series of vandalism incidents that either damaged or destroyed many of the colorful large footballs area artists had created. The football-themed art was on display at a number of outdoor locations.

"This year we're bringing the art inside using concrete farm animals" as the basis  artists will begin with, Harris said Friday. "We're planning on tying SEK Art Fest in with the Crawford County Fair."

SEK Art Fest uses funds raised through sponsorships and at an end-of-event auction to support the arts in Pittsburg and Crawford County.

In 2014 the auction brought in about $7,500 while the previous year it reaped more than $34,000.

"We do this as a fundraiser we use to put money back into our communities," Harris said. She thinks the farm animal theme should prove popular as the individual creations are auctioned off in August.

Prior to the auction, the pieces will be on display in the windows and storefronts of local businesses and underwriters beginning in June.

In addition to seeking artists and underwriters, the SEK Art Fest board is seeking more board members and volunteers to help with the massive project. Harris said anyone interested in helping can call the Pittsburg Convention and Visitors Bureau at 620-231-1212.

— Mike Elswick is a staff writer for The Morning Sun. He can be reached by email at melswick@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ Mike_Elswick.