PITTSBURG — The Pittsburg Police Department’s 2015 annual crime report shows a mix of increases and decreased in crime over a four-year period.

PPD's raw report shows large spikes from the previous year — which was abnormally low, according to Crime Analyst Jordon Garrison.

"2014 was incredibly low," Garrison said, adding the final numbers from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation will likely be lower, but he could not say by how much.

The 2015 reports will be sent to Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which will sift through the reports and release its own version this summer. 

The 21 rapes reported in 2015 are a 91 percent increase from the year before, and are 31 percent higher than the four-year average, the report says.

Garrison said the increased volume could be more awareness programs. Looking at four years of data allows the department to see trends, he said.

PPD also reported a 26 percent increase in aggravated assaults over the four-year average. Motor vehicle theft and larceny both show marginal increases over the four-year average as well.

The largest increases on the average were in drug reports, which were 156 percent higher than the average.

The spike “is likely due to the addition of a standalone drug unit and addition of more patrol officers,” the report says.

The report shows drops in arson reports with 6 percent over the four-year average — a 28 percent drop in burglaries, a 38 percent drop in robberies and a 2 percent drop in larceny.

Meanwhile, PPD saw a five-year high in calls for service with 18,726 and arrests with 1,497.

PPD's version can be found at https://t.co/MhEg36ZYJO.

— Michael Stavola is a staff writer at The Morning Sun. He can be emailed at mstavola@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @MichaelStavola1.