PITTSBURG — The 1960s will return to Pittsburg Saturday night as the Rollin’ Nostalgia Car Club will be sponsoring its annual Super Cruise between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., on Broadway.

The Rollin’ Nostalgia club has monthly cruises in the summer which are attended by car enthusiasts from the area. It’s an opportunity for club members to show off their cars and hang out outside of car shows and other events.

“A cruise should really be called a ‘park,’” club member Tim Lundberg said. “We get together at the Applebee’s parking lot between April and October and park our cars and play music.”

Rollin’ Nostalgia won’t be confined to parking lots on Saturday. The club has worked in conjunction with the city of Pittsburg to close the streets around Broadway from 5th to 11th.

The super cruise will offer food and drink to participants, whom Lundberg said come from places like Kansas City, Little Rock, Joplin and Springfield to take part in the event. They will also have a radio DJ broadcasting music in a 10 block radius for those parking and cruising to enjoy.

The club is a non-profit organization and uses money raised from its car shows to give back to the community.

“People come to shows and pay a little to get in and buy a t-shirt, and we give that money to places like the Ronald McDonald House or for our AutoTech scholarship,” Lundberg said. “And the super cruise is a time for us to give back to car owners who come to our shows.”

Rollin’ Nostalgia had its first super cruise at Lincoln Park with 25 cars and last year they brought in 176. Lundberg says the club is hoping for close to 200 this year because more cars means more involvement from the community. Last year the super cruise drew in around 4,500 people.

“We definitely want people to come out,” Lundberg said. “We’re a bunch of hot rod guys, so we wanna show off our cars.”

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.